Jesus Christ Is Alpha & Omega – Pastor Awuah Fordjour

“Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega; the beginning and the end of everything. He is the only teacher from whom we must learn; the only Lord on whom we should depend, and the only model we should imitate. He is the only Physician that can heal us; the only Shepherd that can feed us; the only Way that can lead us; the only Truth that we can believe; the only Life that can animate us. He alone is everything to us, and He alone can satisfy all our desires.”

The above statement was contained in the sermon preached by the Agape District Minister and Outreach Coordinator of the Evangelism Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor Frank Awuah Fordjour, during a morning session of the “Juaboso for Christ” crusade at the Juaboso Central Assembly church auditorium.

Speaking on the topic: “Knowing Jesus by Revelation” with Matthew 13:17 and Philippians 3:10 as his anchor texts, Pastor Fordjour advised Christians to emulate Apostle Paul, who was relentless in his quest to know more of the Lord despite the many challenges he faced.

He noted that knowledge of God is very key to Christian living and a successful ministry.

One such deep truth that everyone must come to terms with, according to him, is the knowledge of Jesus Christ as the only saviour of the world. 

He explained that Jesus Christ, the eternal son of God, is a gift of love from the Father for the salvation of the World. His sinless life on earth, death on the cross, burial and resurrection has accredited Him as the only saviour of humankind, he added.

Pastor Fordjour further explained that all those who believe and accept Him as their personal Saviour and Lord shall be saved from sin, death and eternal damnation.

“In return, Jesus gives you eternal life and the power to become a child of God,” he stated.

The Agape District Minister further indicated that when one becomes born again, God gives them the power to overcome sin and temptations, evangelise, prosper, overcome the world, overcome the devil and evil spirits.

“He also gives you the power to pray, and to operate and accept the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit,” he added.

Pastor Fordjour stressed the importance of the baptism of the Holy Spirit in Christian living, stressing that: “No Disciple can be victorious or effective in his/her Christian life and service without experiencing the power, person, glory and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.”

He further noted that the main work of the Holy Spirit is to help believers harness and maximise all the benefits (blessings) of the salvation they have received in Christ.

“Salvation comes with a package, but for the Christian to enjoy the fullness of the package is the work of the Holy Spirit,” he reiterated.


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