Jesus Always Has An Alternative Plan For You – Chaplain General

The Chaplain-General of the Ghana Prisons Service, Apostle James Tetteh has admonished Prison Officers to place their lives in the hands of Jesus, saying: “Jesus alone has the alternative plan, when you are at your wits end.”

Apostle Tetteh, who is an Assistant Director of Prisons (ADP) and a minister of The Church of Pentecost,  gave the admonition in a sermon he delivered at the Koforidua Prison where he fellowshipped with Prison Officers at their weekly Padre Hour Church Service. The sermon, which was titled “In the Hands of Jesus”, was based on Matthew 14:15-21 and Philippians 4:19.

In his sermon, Apostle Tetteh explained that the disciples wanted Jesus to disperse the people to go and find food from the nearby villages, but Jesus had an alternative.

“The five loaves of bread and two fishes were in the hands of an individual from morning to evening and remained five loaves and two fishes, but when it was placed in Jesus’ hands it was enough to feed over five thousand people,” he noted.

Apostle Tetteh said anytime one places his or her life in the hands of Jesus, Jesus puts them on His agenda, “and once you are on His agenda, you will surely be discussed no matter how long it takes,” he added.

On lessons officers could learn from the Bible passage, the ADP said just as Jesus asked the disciples to make the people sit down, so also all who come to Jesus must learn to rest in Him. He bemoaned the situation where Christians become restless and go round looking for solutions in places where they could not find results.

“When you come to Jesus there are no cutting corners, wait for Jesus’ plan for you. His plans are always perfect,” he concluded.

An altar call saw ten Prison Officers dedicating their lives to Christ.

Report by Ezekiel Korletey

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