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Infest Others With Your Purity – Rev. Dr Joyce Aryee Tells Christians

The Founder and Executive Director of Salt and Light Ministries, Rev. Dr Joyce Rosalind Aryee, has advised Christians to infest others with their purity for a catalysed transformation of the moral fibre of the nation. 

She states that the body of Christ should exert Christlike influence in all aspects of society. 

‘If Ghana is corrupt, then it is directly proportional to our lack of being the salt of the society,” she lamented, stressing, “We have been sitting as salt on the selves of society and not applying our saltiness.” 

Speaking on the topic, “The Church as Salt and Light of the World” at the 2nd All Ministers’ Conference held at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh, from Tuesday to Friday for pastors and church leaders from over 280 denominations across Ghana, she pointed out that in Matthew Chapter 5, Jesus described the essential attitudes of his disciples. 

She said those ‘be-attitudes’ should be regularly displayed wherever Christians are identified. 

Touching on the importance of salt, Rev. Dr Aryee said salt is so essential and critical to life and was used as a salary for soldiers in ancient days. She postulated that salt is an essential commodity that people need, and it is connected with purity because it comes from the purest of things – the sand and the sea; thus, the Church must be seen to exhibit that purity.

“Whether corporate or individual, we are the body of Christ and must radiate His purity,” she stressed. 

She called on the Church to continually acknowledge the headship of Christ and avoid seeking praise and vainglory, saying, “Unless we realise that the Church is the body of Christ and Christ leads us as head, we can never succeed.”

Dr Aryee intimated that Jesus described his Church as light on a city to shine, salt of the earth to provide taste and yeast to give influence. Until these attributes are common with the body of Christ, the Church will remain insignificant in the nations.  

“As a body of Christ, we are called to hinder social decay by being a sweetener of society. People must emulate us rather than drag us into the pit,” she emphasised.

She observed that “the Ghana we want will be the Ghana Jesus makes. But we have a role to play by halting rottenness in the system.”

She cautioned against being aloof when evil persists in the land, stressing, “We must make sure that the food called Ghana is tasty because we serve as the right proportion of salt in it. Our presence should bring excellence, beauty, and perfection.”

She encouraged Christians not to think they are alone since they and the Holy Spirit are the majority. The power of God has transformed us, and we must make sure that we demonstrate the beauty of Christ in us, she added.

‘We are agents of hope. We must show the joy of the Lord to the people. We are the catalyst of transformation and God’s hope. We cannot isolate ourselves from the world but be actively involved in it. The agenda is about transforming the world. It’s about changing from the inside. Let’s tell our people to stop cheating and stealing,” she concluded.


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