Imitate Christ To Make Impact – Mrs Kumi-Larbi Admonishes Christians

Imitate Christ To Make Impact – Mrs Kumi-Larbi Admonishes Christians

The wife of the General Secretary of The Church of Pentecost, Mrs Rose Dansoa Kumi-Larbi, has admonished members of the Church to reposition themselves to imitate Christ in their lives to make a maximum impact in society.

Mrs Kumi-Larbi said this during the Agormanya Area 2023 ‘Begin With Jesus’ Retreat, held from January 4-6, 2023, at the Mount Mary College of Education, Somanya.

Preaching on the topic, “Reposition To Have Maximum Impact,” the wife of the General Secretary charged both officers and members of the church to bear fruits that will attract the blessings of God.

She used John 15:1-10, Colossians 2:7, Jeremiah 31:4-5, and Isaiah 3:14 as Bible references.

Narrating how Israel was destroyed by God for not bearing fruits, she admonished believers to dissociate themselves from any activity that does not bring glory to God in their lives.

“After being born again, God is expecting Christians to demonstrate the character and the virtues of Jesus Christ in every sphere of their lives,” she stated.

She explained that one cannot claim to be a Christian and continue to practice evil, wicked and corruptible practices, saying, “You cannot be in your old nature and please God.”

She urged Christians to renew their minds, be born again, and reposition themselves to remain humble in Christ.

“If you do not allow yourself to be born again, there is no way you will be accepted by God,” she stressed.

Mrs Kumi-Larbi further called on Christians to remain in Christ by allowing the nature of Christ to reflect in their day-to-day activities.

She added: “To abide in Christ is to take God’s word, walk in it and do what pleases Him. Just as a branch cannot bear fruits on its own, believers cannot also bear fruits on their own unless they reposition themselves to abide in Him.”

The wife of the General Secretary charged believers to be God-fearing, humble, faithful, bear righteous fruits, be godly in their business ventures, avoid deceit, and be Christ-minded.

“Since God has called us and given us His righteousness, let this righteousness be in us because we share the DNA of Jesus Christ as believers,” she pointed out.

Concluding the sermon, Mrs Rose Kumi-Larbi asked members to stay in the church, be actively involved in church activities, and allow God to prune them out of outmoded cultural practices that fight against His Word.

Report by Agormanya Area Media Team.

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