IMD Dedicates Adidogome Central Temple In Togo

IMD Dedicates Adidogome Central Temple In Togo

It was all joy and jubilation when the International Missions Director (IMD) of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Emmanuel Gyesi-Addo, joined the Church in Lome to dedicate the Adidogome Central Temple in Lome, Togo on August 24, 2019.

Present to assist the IMD was the outgoing National Head of the Church in Togo, Apostle Ousmane Patinde Zabre and his national leadership as well as the incoming National Head, Apostle Komi Edina Agbavitoh.

The temple which was constructed at the cost of 80million CFA, received funding from the International Missions Office (General Headquarters in Ghana), the National Office in Togo and some individuals.

The church in Adidogome was established on September 22, 1995. The assembly initially had their service at the salon of a sister and later moved to a classroom of a private school. In 1999, it was moved to Agbemadon, where they worshipped in a tent. Having lasted for a year, the assembly relocated to a private school in the year 2000.

In 2002, the leadership of the church bought a piece of land at the cost of 6.9million CFA to construct a permanent church building. The project took off during the time of Apostle Komi Edina Agbavitoh, the then National Head, but the actual construction began in 2012 when Apostle Ousmane Zabre took over as National Head.

Delivering the sermon on the theme, “Being an Agent of Transformation” based on Isaiah 58:12, 1 Peter 2:5, Pastor George Prah Amonoo said God through the Chairman and the Executive Council has given the church a vision, thus Vision 2023 to possess the nations. The vision, he said, seeks to equip the members with godly values to impact the world with Kingdom principles and values.

Explaining the texts, he said in the ancient days’ cities were built with walls for protection. He indicated that cities with fortified walls were secured and had peace. Using the anecdote of the ancient wall, he explained that in the Bible wall symbolises God’s protection and security.

He, however, said broken walls stand for a life that is lived in sin, a life that is in shambles and has no protection of God.

“Today, many walls are broken. The walls of families are broken; the fortified walls of our nations are broken through immoral life, corruption, sin, and alcohol and drug abuse. Corruption is everywhere and the fortified walls of righteousness are broken down.

“Many families are in shambles because the walls are broken. Families are shattered by divorce and many children have become street children,” he bemoaned.

He called on Christians to rise up to restore righteousness and Kingdom values in every place they found themselves in order to rebuild the broken walls of the family, society and the nations.

“Vision 2023 is a call to bring the people back to God. All of us are being called upon to be agents of transformation. We should be repairers of broken walls wherever we are,” he stressed.

In order to be agents of transformation, Pastor George Amonoo entreated Christians to preach the message of transformation (the good news) to people around them, pray to God to open their eyes to see the dying souls around them, and also endeavour to live a transformed life.

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