Ho Area Women’s Ministry Commemorates International Day Of The Girl Child

The Ho Area Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost joined the pupils of the Pentecost Preparatory School in Ho Fiave in the Volta Region and the rest of the world to observe this year’s International Day of the Girl Child.

The theme for the celebration of the Day, which was marked on October 10, was: “International Day of the Girl Child; Our Time Is Now.”

As part of the programme, Mrs Gifty Letsa (Head of Guidance and Counselling Unit of the Evangelical Presbyterian (EP) Schools in Ho) and Deaconess Patricia Letsa (Tutor at Mawuko Girls Senior High School) spoke to the pupils on the need to remain disciplined and morally upright in this contemporary times.

Deaconess Fidelia Ametefe, Area Women’s Ministry Leader, admonished the pupils to stay away from immoral acts such as LGBTQI+ and remain chaste while they focus on their academic work. She further encouraged them to take their studies seriously to become responsible future leaders who would positively impact society.

The ministry in their expression of love and care for the girl child presented some items worth GHS 2,933.00. Some items donated to the pupils were 10 boxes of sanitary pads, packs of disposable shaving sticks, hand sanitizers, 50 exercise books, packs of deodorants, packs of paper napkins, packs of toilet rolls and other toiletries.

In attendance were Mrs Judith Viku (wife of Ho Dome District Pastor), Executives of the ministry, as well some members of the church in the Ho municipality. 

Other districts in the Area outside the Ho municipality also observed the Day through various activities.

Report by Fidelia Ametefe & Pastor Felix Brakatu.

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