Goshen District Youth Ministry Holds ‘Mpaebo Kese’

The Goshen District Youth Ministry in the Ashaiman Area of The Church of Pentecost has held ‘Mpaebo Kese’ prayer and fasting festival dubbed “Geshem and Drosia Prayer Conference.”

The programme, which took place on September 21, 2022, at the Central auditorium, was the first of its kind since the inauguration of the district in August this year.

The District Minister, Pastor Emmanuel Oppong, in a sermon, mentioned that rain is an essential thing that is very valuable in human life.

Relating it to the life of the believer, he said that rain symbolises the presence of the Holy Spirit. He emphasised that the youth forms part of the central stakeholders of the church, hence the need for them to prioritise the role of the Holy Spirit in their walk with God.

Making references to Genesis 2:4-7 and 1 Kings 16:29,17:1, he indicated that God purposely designed that rain should fall on His creation to cause a change that would bring fruitfulness upon the land, and so this change must be seen in the church to transcend to the youth of this generation.

He added that when the rain (Holy Spirit) takes control over the heart, mind, physical and social-emotional life of the Christian, “it will cause our little efforts to be a blessing since ‘man’s effort without God’s blessing is void.’”

Pastor Oppong noted that God has purposed numerous thoughts for His church, especially the youth, but the only thing that can hinder it is sin. He, therefore, admonished the youth to live an unblemished life so that it would attract God’s hand in their affairs.

He also urged the youth to pursue righteousness and a quality prayer lifestyle, without which the rain would not be evident when it comes.

Pastor Emmanuel Oppong led a special intercessory prayer for the youth, children, and the church at large and its leadership at various levels.

The programme was attended by some members of the District Executive Committee, and about 305 members, including children.

Elder David Annor, the District Youth Leader, explained that the programme which was on the theme: “Give us Rain, Lord,” was inspired by Genesis 2:5.

He stressed that Goshen District, being a newly created district, needs torrential rains for divine productivity.

Report by William Gyasi, Goshen District.

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