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GMWC: A Historic Refreshing Event To Always Look Forward To


The Church of Pentecost, like every institution, is both an organism and an organisation. Our dear Chairman, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, explains that the Church is an organism because there is life in it and dispenses life.

It is also an organisation because it thrives on structures, systems, and the programme of activities that drive the organism to be active, potent, and effective.

One of the Church’s flagship major programs that drive the organisation is the annual week-long retreat, generally known as the Ministers and Wives Conference or the Global Ministers and Wives Conference (GMWC) if it is held globally for all clergy and their spouses within the church.

After successful events over the period, it is clear to me that this conference is one to always look forward to in January every year.

In this article, I will attempt to reflect on some reasons to always anticipate the Ministers and Wives Conference (MWC) or the Global Ministers and Wives Conference (GMWC).


Drawing from the Psalmist submission on the goodness and pleasantness that characterises the dwelling together of the brethren, I see the GMWC or the MWC as one of the beautiful platforms for building fellowships and strengthening our ministerial bonds. In these meetings, Bible schoolmates reunite to share fond memories, get to see each other and reignite the warmth of being together. Fellowshipping and reuniting among the clergy and our spouses create a sense of belongingness, drive companionship, and deepen the camaraderie that leads to the cultivation and sustenance of healthy connections.


A significant observation from the GMWC or MWCs relates to the intensity of the spiritual atmosphere created for encounters, transformations, and impartations. The structure of these conferences is set in such a way that participants are brought into a place where their physical nature engages with the supernatural. Indeed, the intense spiritual atmosphere programs a climate for many spiritual possibilities and spiritual expressions driven by hunger, passion, and yieldedness indicative of the understanding that patrons have come to receive new wine into their new wineskins.


One cannot discuss the GMWC without touching on the music production during these conferences. From its outset, music has also played a significant role in modifying the engagement between human patrons and the supernatural, making it an enviable toast. Led by the vocal powerhouse – The Voice of Pentecost, patrons can expect nothing else but a sumptuous service of a bouquet of well-arranged theme songs, classical Pentecostal choruses, and meditative hymns garnished with a colourful blend of contemporary tunes all served on trays of unique vocal abilities and skillful instrumentations. Indeed, the colour that the Voice of Pentecost brings to the table cannot be quantified.


I see the MWC/GMWC as an avenue for spiritual recalibration and re-engineering. The prophet Isaiah says the remnant of Judah will be rooted downwards and fruitful upwards (2Kgs. 19:30). So, in these conferences, we see a conscious effort by leadership through the power of the Holy Spirit to teach ministers and their wives God’s word. In these meetings, the various topics pertaining to the theme for the year are thoroughly discussed, and intense prayer sessions are offered. The pastoralia moments where deep insights for effective pastoring and shepherding serve as great reminders for patrons to be wary of ministerial pitfalls while aggregating ministerial gems to make giant strides in their stations of operation. Usually, the look on the faces of patrons is one filled with fresh zeal, revelation, understanding, poise and renewed passion to soar like an eagle with a clear vision and strong momentum to do God’s will.


One key aspect of the GMWC/MWC is to get the entire church public united and have a sense of inclusivity in carrying them along the vision and heart of God as directed through leadership. This is the reason why platforms have been created to broadcast the programme live on TV and social media platforms, including Zoom and Webinar. This allows both in-person patrons and the virtual audience who are stakeholders to receive God’s spiritual direction for the Church first-hand in the ensuing years, particularly in these times of the unleashing agenda. This allows for effective assimilation of the agreed strategy to facilitate easy implementation. For nothing can stop the force unleashed on the wings of unity and inclusivity.


The purpose of this article was to offer five reasons why the Global Ministers and Wives Conference (GMWC) is always an event to look forward to. With the kind of preparations and planning that go into such events, it is clear that this year’s event would not be different but an unforgettable encounter.

Written by Pastor Kwasi Asante Annor (General Manager, PENT TV)

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