Girl Miraculously Receives Her Sight After Going Blind


A fourteen-year-old visually impaired girl, Benedicta Awaki had her sight restored after being prayed for by an elder of The Church of Pentecost.

Benedicta was led by her headmaster, Mr Agemina Benjamin, to Elder Samuel Adda in school for prayer support when she mysteriously went blind.

This is how Elder Samuel Adda narrated the incident: When the headmaster brought Benedicta to me, upon further interrogation, it was revealed that she had been having scary dreams in which some people wanted to kill her. She decided to confide in her headmaster when the scary dreams kept on reoccurring since her parents died some years ago based on the same trend.

Since it was time for closing, I advised the headmaster to see her family since she and her family were not Christians.

Unfortunately, before we could even meet her family, we received reports that Benedicta had mysteriously gone blind the following morning.

When I heard this, I rushed to the house and found the report to be true. Immediately, I led her to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and saviour and then spent time praying with her. I returned later that evening with a brother, Apaaya Jonathan, to pray for her and assured the family of divine healing.

On Wednesday, 26th January 2022, I visited the house in the morning to check on Benedicta, but I was told she had been taken to the eye clinic in Bolgatanga. But upon returning from the eye clinic, they reported to me that, the eye specialist could not identify what was wrong with her eyes. So they were simply asked to go home.

At this point, frustration was setting in. Benedicta’s grandmother was running out of patience. The little girl was now being blamed for everything that had happened to her. I spoke to the family and encouraged them to exercise patience and wait on the Lord for a miracle.

I went back to the house in the afternoon and prayed for her again, and by this time everybody had left her for me alone. But that was the time the miracle-working Jesus visited her with a miracle. After the prayer, I asked Benedicta to stop crying and go and sleep then I left for home. Some minutes after I got home, a phone call came through that she woke up from sleep at once and screamed “I can see,” and there was a great joy and celebration in the house that afternoon.

Glory to Jesus for doing such a great thing!

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