Fetish Priest Surrenders To Christ

Mr John Asare Boakye, the fetish priest of Nuba, a community in the Jomoro Municipal District of Ghana, has surrendered his life to Christ. 

The man, who was popularly known as “Nana Boakye,” said he served the gods of his family for several years until he began to practice sorcery and fetishism in 2002.

According to him, he had performed many rituals and assisted many people who sought his help.

Mr Boakye said that one day, his wife advised him to give up fetishism and chart a new course in life. 

“Although I agreed with her, I was afraid of what the gods would do to me if I took such a drastic decision,” he said.

With each passing day, Mr Boakye said, he felt a burning desire to stop the practice but was still gripped with fear. So, he confided in a tenant, who is a member of the Nuba Assembly of The Church of Pentecost, about his dilemma. The tenant, in turn, informed his Presiding Elder about the issue.

On hearing the news, the Presiding Elder, the Tikobo 1 District Evangelism Leader, and three other officers of the Assembly, paid Nana Boakye a visit where he confirmed everything they had been told. 

The team shared the gospel message with him and led him to accept Jesus as his Lord and personal Saviour.

They also asked him to surrender his charms, which he did. After a time of intense prayers, they set them on fire till it burnt to ashes. 

John has been completely delivered from sorcery and fetishism and now fellowships with the Nuba Assembly in the Tikobo 1 District of the Church. To God be the glory.

Report by Axim Area Media Team

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