Fetish Priest Gives His Life To Christ

Gameli Awudi, a 34-year-old renowned fetish priest who hails from Tsatee in the Kpalime District in the Ho Area of The Church of Pentecost, has surrendered to Christ.

Overseer Solomon Affram, the Kpalime District Minister, on a visit to the Tsatee local assembly on 26th July, 2020, shared the gospel with Awudi, who had been practicing this craft for more than a decade and had many clients in the Volta Region and beyond.

Confessing after giving his life to Christ, he said that he used his numerous amulets to work against unbelievers and lukewarm Christians alike and had caused many atrocities with it.

However, upon hearing the word of God, he surrendered his life to Christ and gave up all his charms and idols to be burnt. He and his wife are now members of the Church.

Report by Overseer Felix Brakatu, Ho.

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