Family Of Three Freed From Demonic Possession In Samoa web

Family Of Three Freed From Demonic Possession In Samoa

A family of three in Samoa has been freed from demonic possession after a team of Christian missionaries prayed for them.

The family, identified as Shalom Pasami (38), Tomasi Pasami (46), and Salvation Pasami (23), had been suffering from various symptoms of demonic oppression, such as nightmares, voices, and physical pains.

The missionaries, who belong to PENSA International (Oceania Bloc) of The Church of Pentecost, were conducting house-to-house evangelism in the island nation as part of their November 2023 mission trip.

They encountered the family and sensed a spiritual warfare going on.

Led by Elder Samuel Davis Yeboah and Deacon Michael Benson, the team of five engaged in an intense session of prayer and deliverance for the family.

According to the missionaries, the family was delivered from the evil spirits as prayers were going on.

They also testified that the family gave their lives to Christ at the end of the prayers and decided to join the Church.

Moreover, two neighbours who witnessed the deliverance brought their two sick children, aged two and four, to be prayed for. The children, who had feet issues and severe headaches, respectively, also received their healing.

The missionaries praised God for his faithfulness and power.

They said that they were glad to see the family and the children experience the love and freedom of Christ.

They also expressed their hope that more people in Samoa would come to know the gospel and be saved.

Report by Abigirl Maminimini (PENSA Australia Secretary)

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