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Exit WhatsApp Platforms When You Leave – Mrs. Mabel Darko Tells Ministers

Mrs. Mabel Darko, wife of the former Finance Administration Director (FAD) of The Church of Pentecost, has advised ministers and their wives, particularly retiring ministers, to exit the WhatsApp platforms of their respective areas and districts when they are reassigned or leave active service.

Mrs. Darko, a retired minister’s wife, gave this advice during a two-day orientation seminar at the Pentecost Pensions House in Gbawe, Accra for ministers of the Church set to retire from active service this year.

In her presentation on the topic “Retirement Education,” Mrs. Darko emphasised that as individuals transition from active life to retirement, they go through different stages that can significantly impact their retirement experience. She stressed the importance of these stages and how they could either enhance or hinder a fulfilling retirement.

One of the key points she raised was the need for retiring ministers to avoid acting like “GHOST” after leaving active service by advising them to resist the temptation to interfere with the work at their previous stations.

“No one wants a GHOST,” she stressed.

Mrs Darko further explained that GHOST is an acronym for:Going back to the old station frequently, Hearing what is going on, Opposing changes, Spying on them and Talking negatively

She, therefore, urged them to politely exit WhatsApp platforms after their retirement, rather than waiting to be removed.

Mrs. Darko also advised retiring ministers to avoid conflicts with their successors and to accept the realities of their new roles as retirees.

She, however, encouraged them to remain positive and find ways to stay significant during their retirement.


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