Every Christian Is A Candidate for Heaven – Apostle Nkrumah-Agyeman

The Teshie-Nungua Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Wilberforce Nkrumah-Agyeman, has affirmed that every Christian is eligible for heaven because their debts of sin have been paid and canceled due to their faith in Christ.

“Jesus came to suffer and die in our place so that the wages of sin could be paid; 700 years before He was born, Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah who would be born would pay the sinful debt of all,” he said.

According to him, the beatings, bruises, piercing, sorrow, disgrace, and death that Christ endured culminated in the payment and cancellation of all debt owed by humankind.

Apostle Nkrumah-Agyeman was speaking on the topic “The Verdict,” a sub-theme of the major theme “Jesus Paid it All,” which he preached at the English Zone of the 2023 Easter Convention at the Fred Safo Memorial Temple, Nungua, Nshorna.

Quoting several Bible texts, including John 3:19a, Romans 6:23, Isaiah 53:4-6, and Colossians 2:13-15, Apostle Nkrumah-Agyeman said that there are several types of death in the world, but the most dangerous is spiritual death, particularly because it has eternal implications.

He, however, assured Christians that through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, all deaths, both physical and spiritual, have been completely settled.

In light of this, he further noted, all the repercussions of our sins no longer hold, and therefore, there is no condemnation against any believer.

“As believers, know that you are a candidate for heaven because you have your freedom in Christ Jesus,” he said.

The Teshie-Nungua Area Head explained that by shedding His blood, Jesus has intervened in the hopeless situation of humanity and has now changed their story.

“There are no curses against you. Jesus has canceled them all. Begin to do what you do best. There will be no drought in your life. You are not going to live in a desert; you are going to prosper. You will enjoy good health and receive renewed strength in Jesus’ name,” he proclaimed.

After the sermon, Pastor Solomon Kwasi Kyei of PIWC-Sakumono led the congregants in a time of prayer for healing, deliverance, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Report by the Teshie-Nungua Area Media Team

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