Evangelism Team Baptises 20 New Converts Despite Python Scare

In a spine-chilling incident, members of the Evangelism Ministry Advance Team of The Church of Pentecost came across a giant python on their way to baptise some new converts who had surrendered their lives to Christ during a film outreach held at Anhwiaso yesterday (October 16, 2022).

The python, about 6 feet long and weighing about 15 kg, was lying in the Nkonkon river, where they were going to have the water baptism.

The team took no notice of the reptile since the area was totally dark. However, when one team member flashed a torch light, the python came out of the water and laid ashore.

The sight of the animal scared them and caused them to step back for cover. After regaining their composure, they grabbed some sticks and slew the snake.

Undeterred by the incident, the team went on to baptise the converts in another river opposite the one where they had slain the python.

Out of the 22 souls won during the outreach, the team baptised 20; the remaining two were ready to undergo the religious ritual but took to their heels at the sight of the python and thus had their session postponed to a later date.

The film evangelism outreach was part of some preliminary activities organised by the Evangelism Ministry ahead of the “Sefwi-Nkwanta for Christ” crusade set to take place from October 18 to 19, 2022.

The event, which is being jointly organised by the Evangelism Ministry Directorate and the Nkwanta District of the Church at the Tanoso community park, is under the theme: In Him Is Life (John 1:4).


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