Engage In Spiritual Exercises If You Want To Be Spiritually Fit – Pastor Addae Tells Christians

The Kokomlemle District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor Bright Kojo Addae, has charged Christians to engage in spiritual exercises in order to be “spiritually fit.”

“Just as one exercises physically to be physically fit, to be spiritually fit, Christians ought to exercise spiritually,” he affirmed.
Pastor Addae made this statement at the Nima-Alaska Central Assembly during the second District Week Celebration, dubbed: “Preach The Gospel, Heal The Sick.”

Using Mark 16:16-20 and Exodus 23:25-27 as scriptural references, he indicated that, “anyone with a well-built physique made a conscious effort to train, in the same way; anyone who wants to build their spiritual muscles must make a conscious effort to constantly engage in spiritual exercises.”

The Kokomlemle District Minister added that just as people who have well-built muscles are feared and respected due to their stature, Christians who are well-built spiritually are feared by the forces of darkness.

According to Pastor Addae, some of the spiritual exercises that Christians ought to engage in are: reading the Word of God daily, putting the word of God into practice, sharing the Gospel message with unbelievers, exercising faith, living holy lives, fasting, prayer, and constantly relying on the leadings of the Holy Spirit in every given situation.

“If Christians make conscious efforts to put these into practice, they will become well-built spiritually and spiritually fit,” he revealed.

The Kokomlemle District Minister bemoaned how some Christians are unable to submit to God, and resist the devil, emphasizing that “the only way to resist the devil, is to submit to God.”

Report by: Daniel Tetteh

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