Elder Mysteriously Saved From Drowning Into Mining Pit web

Elder Mysteriously Saved From Drowning Into Mining Pit

Elder Ernest Nyarko of the Bantama Extension District in the Kwadaso Area of The Church of Pentecost was mysteriously saved from drowning in a 2-mile-wide mining pit. 

This happened when Elder Nyarko, a worker of Asanko Gold Mines at Manso Nkran, was to draw water from the pit for service last Sunday using a dump truck and service truck with his superior, an expatriate. He went for the first round, and during the second round, he realised that the intake could not carry the water well because it was draining the sand out. He had to descend to push the intake forward while holding the truck’s handle. Suddenly, he slipped, began drowning, and was carried away by the water. 

He called out to his superior and other workers for assistance, but they could not help because of how risky the situation was. For about a minute, he went blank; he shouted and began speaking in tongues, followed by a spirited worship song. A while later, he lifted his hands to give up. Instantly, his feet landed on sticks in the moving water, which amazingly began to raise him and pull him back. 

Gradually, he got out of the pit. Interestingly, after a thorough search, even breaking down the pit, the mysterious stick that saved his life could not be found.

This indeed testifies to the saving power of God even on the verge of death.

Report by Isaac Agyei

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