Elder Dr. Siaw Agyepong Donates 49-Seater Bus To PENSA-Legon

Elder Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, Presiding Elder for the Pentecost International Worship Centre, Graceland (PIWC-Graceland), has donated a brand new 49-seater Zhongtong bus, worth US$ 160,000.00, to the University of Ghana (UG) branch of the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA-Legon).

Elder Agyepong, the Executive Chairman of the Jospong Group of Companies, surprised the students with the donation when he fellowshipped with them last Sunday.

According to renowned businessman, he had not initially planned to donate a bus to PENSA-Legon because of the huge amount involved, which he had not budgeted. However, while praying in the morning, he was directed by the Lord to donate a bus to the students. So, without hesitating he quickly arranged for the bus to be sent to them on campus.

Exhorting the students on the topic, “Excelling In Your God-Given Potentials: Lessons from King Solomon” with 1Kings 3:3-10 as scripture reference, Dr. Agyepong said that King Solomon offered a higher sacrifice to the Lord that was unmatched in the history of Israel. This, he noted, earned the King an encounter with the Lord. He, therefore, urged Christians to make great sacrifices for the Lord, stressing that it is only then that they would receive such a divine encounter.

Among other things, Dr. Siaw Agyepong said that King Solomon, during his reign, prioritised the interest of his subjects over his personal gain. He urged Christians not to be selfish but lead a selfless life. 

In an interview with PENTECOST NEWS, Pastor Kwadwo Obeng, the UG Campus Minister of The Church of Pentecost, said that PENSA-Legon had long been raising funds to purchase a new bus to commute students to and from church. He, therefore, considers the donation an answered prayer and is grateful to the Lord for meeting their need through Elder Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong.

Report by PENSA-Legon Media Team

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