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Easter Is the Best Season On Earth – Apostle Lt. Col. Kumi-Woode Declares

The Chaplain for the Ghana Armed Forces (Director, Airforce), Apostle Lt. Col. Benjamin Godson Kumi-Woode, has declared the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, widely referred to as “Easter,” as the best season on earth.

According to Apostle Kumi-Woode, “Easter is the best season because it is the period during which the primary need of mankind was met, the primary debt of humanity was paid, and the primary battle of the human race was won.”

The revered minister, who doubles as the Resident Minister of Burma Camp Worship Centre of The Church of Pentecost, said this yesterday during the opening session of the La Zone Easter Convention at the Arko Adjei park in Accra.

Speaking on the theme of the event, “Being Equipped with the Resurrection Power to Possess the Nations” (Philippians 3:10), Apostle Kumi-Woode said that every human being born of a woman has the burden of death hanging around their neck.

He explained that this came about due to the disobedience of the first humans, Adam and Eve. Hence, as products of Adam and Eve, all humans have inherited their sinful nature and share in this common state of sin.

“For this reason, we also share in the wages of sin, which is death. This also implies that we are all born ‘dead on arrival’ because we have death hanging around our necks,” he said.

Apostle Kumi-Woode further noted that, in addition to the sin of the first humans they have inherited, humanity, by virtue of their Adamic nature, continue to indulge in sinful acts on earth.

“Human beings have become very innovative in creating sin, because the seed of sin is in us” he said.

What is worse, he added, is that, death is a slave of Satan and it also comes with other challenges such as sicknesses, worry, etc.

He, however, stressed that, although very destructive, death can only reign in the absence of resurrection. This, he stated, is the main reason why Easter is the most important season, because it marks the resurrection and triumph of Jesus over death, the primary enemy of all mankind.

Buttressing his assertion, the GAF Chaplain explained that, on many occasions during Jesus’ time on earth, He proved that He has power over death.

He cited the instance of Jairus’ daughter who died and was laid in state, but Jesus raised from death (Matthew 9:18-26). He also cited the story of the widow’s son at Nain, whom Jesus raised from death, while his family were on their way to bury him (Luke 7:11-17); and finally, the story of Lazarus whom Jesus raised from death after he had been buried for four days.

According to Apostle Kumi-Woode, Jesus, by these miracles, proved that He has absolute power over death. Beyond that, Jesus has fully paid for the wages of sin, which is death, by dying on the cross for mankind, he noted.

The GAF Chaplain, therefore, called on all and sundry to take refuge in Jesus, because He is the only one who has the remedy to death and its associated ills.


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