Christ’s Death Has Given Us Power To Overcome The Flesh – Overseer Amuzu


Overseer Francis Amuzu of The Church of Pentecost(CoP)-Kuwait, has noted that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has given Christians the power to overcome the demands of the flesh.

He made this statement yesterday during the climax of the 2023 Easter Convention at the CoP-Dubai auditorium.

Speaking on the topic: “How our Christian Life is Repositioned through the
Death and Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ” P/Ovr. Amuzu emphasised that through Christ’s victory, Satan’s greatest weapon has been defeated, and believers are now set free from the power of sin and death (Revelation 12:10, Colossians 2:14-15)

P/Overseer Amuzu also noted that Christ’s death and resurrection has given believers the power to overcome the demands of the flesh, enabling them to conquer the fleshly desires that once held them captive.

He highlighted that Christ’s resurrection gives believers a motive to live in purity.

“As God’s children, believers are called to live a pure and righteous life, which is made possible through the power of Christ’s resurrection.” He revealed.

Overseer Amuzu further stressed that the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus has given believers the greatest hope of all.

“Through Christ’s victory over death, believers can have confidence in their salvation and look forward to eternal life with Him,” he said adding: “The transformative power of Christ’s death and resurrection serves as a powerful reminder of the hope and victory that believers have in Him.”

Report by The CoP Dubai Media Team.

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