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Christians Urged To Be Agents Of Christ On Earth

Christians have been charged as agents and ambassadors of Jesus Christ on earth to carry on the ministry of reconciliation and salvation that Christ Jesus came to do on earth through His death and resurrection.

According to Apostle Alexander Nana Yaw Kumi-Larbi, General Secretary of The Church of Pentecost, Jesus’ death and resurrection reconciled man to God. He emphasized that the glory and Spirit of God, which were lost in the Garden of Eden as a result of sin, can only be reclaimed when one accepts Christ Jesus as their Lord and personal Saviour.

This, he said, is good news that must be shared with all people in order for them to believe in Christ’s finished work on the cross and become a new creation, turning away from their evil ways and becoming more like Christ.

Apostle Alexander Nana Yaw Kumi-Larbi said this in a sermon he delivered yesterday at Bawjiase, near Kasoa as part of the on-going All Officers’ Retreat (Apostolisation) held in the Downtown-Ofaakor Area. The Bawjiase zone was attended by officers and ministers from seven districts in the Downtown-Ofaakor Area namely, Jei-Krodua, Papaase, Obom, Awutu Bawjiase, Awuakyekwaa, Abamkrom, and Hobor.

Speaking on the topic: “The New Creation and the Possessing the Nations Agenda” with the main text taken from 2 Corinthians 5:16-19, the General Secretary explained the purpose for the new creation. According to him, God created man in His own image and likeness but when the devil deceived man and caused him to sin against God, the entire human race lost that glory, and thus every man born of a woman on earth is corrupt and sinful.

He stated that since the departure of the Holy Spirit from man, humanity has been wallowing in sin and darkness, engaging in unspeakable acts such as homosexuality and the like. He explained that God, through His Son Jesus Christ, came to earth to pay the ultimate price to deliver humanity from Satan’s kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light in Christ Jesus.

The General Secretary further explained that since Christ’s death and ascension into heaven, the unfinished business of bringing all humanity to the saving knowledge of Christ and reconciling them to God has been left in the hands of His agents (Christians).

He, therefore challenged Christian leaders who are now new creations to let the light and salt in them be seen by all, so that others who are living in the darkness will turn from their evil ways and come to Christ to avoid God’s imminent punishment.

As Christ’s agents, Apostle Kumi-Larbi exhorted christians to uphold righteousness and live unquestionably so that God would use them to possess the nations. He contended that until Christians fulfill their true calling of becoming true agents of Christ by demonstrating to the world the Kingdom values and principles, the earth will not be at peace because sin will continue to dominate men’s affairs.

Reading from Ephesians 6:17, he advised them to put on the helmet of salvation to safeguard their salvation because the devil is always at war with them to cause them to lose their salvation in Christ.


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