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Christian Council Raises Alarm Over 4 ‘Demonic Forces’ In Ghana Politics

The Christian Council of Ghana has raised concerns over what it describes as demonic forces Ghana’s politics must be devoid of.

According to Rt. Rev. Prof. J. O. Y. Mante, “I have observed some four demonic forces in Ghana’s politics that must be exorcised. We may in future make time to break down and expatiate on them more carefully, but for the sake of time, I will only touch on them briefly.”

To him, the demonic in Ghana’s politics include sabotage, tribalism, hate speech, and abuse of power are the four activities they want to be addressed in the political sphere.

This was contained in the Council’s Chairman, Rt. Rev. Prof. Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante’s speech read during the outdooring of the group’s Eminent Persons.

The four demonic forces in Ghana’s politics include;

  1. The demon of wishing the downfall of a ruling government just to gain political points. We should note that anytime this demonic trait is triggered we all lose as a country; we never progress in our development as a country in that kind of environment. This spirit must be exorcised.
  2. The demon of ethnic or tribal polarization. There are people in this country who sometimes give the impression that some tribes are more Ghanaian than other tribes. The worse thing is that they use it politically during the elections period. This is a demon that must be exorcised. This position can be held by either the ruling government in power or the opposition. Ghana does not belong to any particular ethnic or tribal group; it belongs to all of us-Dagombas, Kusaasis, Bonos, Asantes, Ewes, Fantes, Kwahus, Akyems, Akuapems, etc, we are all one people. The politics of tribal polarization during the electioneering campaign is demonic and it must be stopped immediately and exorcised from our growing democracy.
  3. The demon of uncultured and hate speech and lies. Just because of elections people insult other people’s character and personalities; some very young men (small boys and girls) just insult others who are far older than them to even be their fathers and mothers. Sometimes one wonders who nurtured such people. This attitude is a disgrace in Ghana’s politics and it must be eschewed. Do we want to teach the younger generation that politics is a dirty game? Is that what we want to leave with our children? This is a shame and a demon that must be exorcised.
  4. The demon of violence and abuse of power. There are people who talk about violence and act violently. They exhibit these characteristics during electioneering campaigns. Sometimes their leaders acquiesce and support them by not saying anything. When those who speak and act violently are supported by those in power then there is no country but anarchy. This is definitely evil.

Source: Peace FM

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