Chieftaincy Is Ordained By God - Sawla Area Head Asserts

Chieftaincy Is Ordained By God – Sawla Area Head Asserts

The Sawla Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor David Amankwaa, has asserted that Chieftaincy is an institution ordained by God, hence chiefs must rule with principles and values of the kingdom of God.

It is only then, according to the Sawla Area Head, will chiefs secure their reign and bring peace and progress to their subjects.

Pastor Amankwaa made the call during the official inauguration of the Sawla Area Chieftaincy Ministry on December 10, 2022. The colourful service took place at the Sawla English Assembly church auditorium.

Delivering the sermon on the topic “Oh Lord, Save the King” with scriptural reference from Psalm 20:1-9, the Area Head noted that the subjects in the Psalm prayed for their king to be successful implying that subjects expect their rulers to  lead them into a place of progress and prosperity.

According to Pastor Amankwaa, a king (chief) can only succeed in their mandate when they are in tune with God and subject their reign to His control and guidance.

He further noted that, as indicated in the Psalm (Verse 7), some kings (chiefs) “trust not in God, they trust in their chariots (wealth, power, the people in government, the size of their jurisdiction, etc);  but these can not save them in the day of trouble.”

Explaining the rationale for the Chieftaincy Ministry, Pastor Amankwaa stated: “Over the years, the Chieftaincy institution was regarded as a preserve for the ungodly which was an erroneous impression created by our colonial masters and some of our early missionaries. This, among other  reasons, is why the Chieftaincy Ministry has been introduced by The Church of Pentecost to provide chaplaincy services to the palaces.”

He added that the ministry would also change the wrong perception many (particularly Christians) have about the Chieftaincy institution,  and prove that one can be a traditional ruler and still serve God.

The well-patronised event had in attendance four paramount chiefs from Bole, Kong, Sonyo, and Kagbrelma, and 120 sub-chiefs within the Bole and Sawla, Tuna-Kalba political districts.

Also present were the area pastorate and their wives.

Delivering a speech on behalf of the Bolewura, Sarfo Kotoge I, the Sawlawura conveyed the appreciation of the Bolewura to The Church of Pentecost for the developments the Church has brought to his land and welcomed the inauguration of the Chieftaincy Ministry as a laudable addition to efforts being made by the Church to support his community.

He, therefore, pledged his support and that of his subjects for the ministry. The Kongwura also reechoed the same sentiment.

The Sawla Area Chieftaincy Committee comprises Pastor Samuel Awuah (Coordinator), Overseer Christopher Atuah Yeboah (Assistant Coordinator), and Overseer Jones Dwomoh Amankwah (Secretary).

The others are Pastor Benjamin Addo Boateng, Pastor Kwaku Amponsah, P/Overseer Samson Funotey, Elder Buzare Abbass, Deaconess Afiriyie and two representatives of the traditional authorities.

The committee was officially inaugurated by the Area Head at the event.

Report by Sawla Area Media

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