Chairman Climaxes PIWC-Kokomlemle 25th Anniversary Celebration

The Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, joined members of the Pentecost International Worship Centre, Kokomlemle (PIWC-Kokomlemle) in the La Area on Sunday, July 14, 2019, to climax their 25th Anniversary Celebration.

The silver jubilee celebration was organised by PIWC-Kokomlemle to thank God for His unending mercies towards the church since its establishment 25 years ago. It is worth noting that PIWC-Kokomlemle is the first International Worship Centre to be established in the history of The Church of Pentecost.

Speaking on the theme: “A Strong Foundation Built to Last,” the Chairman indicated that “anyone who hears the word of God, and puts it into practice builds a solid foundation on the Rock of Ages who is Christ Jesus, and any foundation built on this Rock will last forever.”

Apostle Eric Nyamekye posited that “the Church as an institution is both an organization and an organism.”

As an organisation, he explained that the Church needs firm administrative systems, well-laid down structures, good leadership, guided by strong principles and policies in order to function efficiently and effectively.

He also explained that as an organism, the Church also needs to be connected to a life-giving source to replenish, sustain life, and bring about growth. He explained that the Holy Spirit who is the source of the Church’s power is also the life-giving source that sustains the Church as an organism.

Touching on the organizational aspect of the Church, the Chairman further explained that the location of an organization is important to achieving its goals. He noted that any organization seeks to make itself accessible and marketable.  He, therefore, advised that church buildings should be strategically situated.

“Church buildings should not be situated in remote and isolated places, but at a central point that is easily accessible to make it appealing to draw people,” he said.

He also stressed that “the Church should not be static but poised to spread out to positively impact its immediate environment and the world at large.”

“Being a Christian is not just about singing and dancing in Church, but surrendering our lives to the supreme rule and sovereignty our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,” he added.

Reading from John 16:13, Apostle Eric Nyamekye urged all Christians to continually yearn for the Spirit of God in the Church because when the Spirit of truth comes, He answers questions, meets needs and solves problems.

The Chairman further admonished Christians to give out their best effort as they labour in God’s vineyard, saying that: “We are all labourers building up God’s Kingdom, however, whatever material we use in the building will be tested with fire; whether it is; gold, silver, wood or hay and we shall give an account for it.”

Concluding his sermon, Apostle Nyamekye said that to move the Church forward, need to dig deep to put up a strong foundation so that they can “build to last and build to spread.”

The Chairman was accompanied to the event by his wife, Mrs. Mary Nyamekye. Also, present at the event were Apostle Emmanuel Gyesi-Addo (International Missions Director), Apostle Dr. Daniel Walker (Rector, Pentecost University College), Apostle Prof. Peter Ohene-Kyei (Winneba Area Head) and his wife, Dr. (Mrs.) Abigail Kyei.


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