Build A Godly Home – Women’s Director Tells Christians

The Director of the Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, Deaconess Grace Lucy Yeboah-Asuama, has asserted that when Christians use their homes to portray Christ, unbelievers get attracted and behold the goodness of God.

Deaconess Yeboah-Asuama made this statement on Wednesday, February 13, 2019, when she visited the Anyinam Zone in the Suhum Area of the Church as part of this year’s Apostolization underway in the Area.

Speaking on the topic, “The Church and the Christian Home” (Luke 2:41-52), the Women’s Director explained that Jesus’ parents did not actually exhibit good parenting over Him when He lingered behind as they travelled back to their hometown from Jerusalem.

Joseph and Mary went for a day’s journey without knowing that their child was not with them. “Most Christians also behave the same way as Jesus parents did,” she observed. She admonished Christians to take keen interest in the activities of their children.

Deaconess Yeboah-Asuama, who commended the Executive Council for adding Marriage and Family Life to the tenets of the Church, noted that parents have the core responsibility of training their children in God’s way.

She expounded that there is a difference between a house and a home. She indicated that houses are built with materials such as cement, sand, iron rods, and others, but homes, on the other hand, are built with a heart coupled with love, discipline and the fear of God.

She again noted that in building a home, there are certain responsibilities and roles that should be played by both parents. “Parents should love their children, spend quality time and train them in the fear of God,” she said.

She admonished Christians to make discipline part of their training in the home, saying, “The home is the place for intergenerational values, culture and practice; all good training starts from the home.”

The Women’s Director said parents have the obligation of making Christ the head of the home. In that case, she said, every decision taken by the family must be first known to Christ for His direction and guidance.

She admonished the youth to refrain from expensive weddings since the ceremony is not the actual marriage.

She made a clarion call to parents to build family altar by having quiet time together with their children, praying and studying the word of God together.

Report by Samuel Danso

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