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Brighten the Corner Where You Are – Prophet Amaniampong Tells Ministers

The Asokwa Area Head and Executive Council Member of The Church of Pentecost, Prophet James Osei Amaniampong, has advised ministers of the Church to work hard by supervising the effective implementation of the Church’s Vision 2023 document at their respective stations.

He said that the ministers are the link between the Executive Council and the members and are therefore very crucial to the successful implementation and realization of the Vision document.

He advised that although, every station has its own peculiar changes, ministers must do their best to effectively discharge all the duties of their ministerial calling.

Prophet Amaniampong said this on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 during the Ministers’ and Wives session of the Chairman’s Ashanti Regional visit.
In his presentation, Prophet Amaniampong likened the work of a minister to a coach, who primarily provides supervision and guidance in the realization of a collective goal.

He said that in order to be an effective minister, one must identify the various human resources at their disposal and harness them to ensure that they contribute to the accomplishment of the overall objective.

Prophet James Osei Amaniampong, therefore, advised ministers to provide effective leadership at their various stations by assigning roles to persons with the requisite skills and abilities and provide good supervision to ensure that responsibilities and tasks are well executed.

“As ministers, our primary work is to provide effective supervision to those under us. As we do this, we also build up those we work with,” he said.


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