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Bethel English Assembly Organises “Gethsemane Hour”

A five-day mega prayer conference, dubbed “Gethsemane Hour,” organised by the Bethel English Assembly in the New Onyinase District of The Church of Pentecost, took place this year from April 9 to 14, 2024, at the Bethel English Assembly auditorium.

According to history, the Gethsemane Hour programme has been consistent for over five years and is organized six times each year. Whenever the Gethsemane Hour programme is held, there have been numerous testimonies and breakthroughs.

The theme for the second edition of the event was “Called Out of Darkness to Life.” Participants were taught the authority of the Christian as the salt and light of the world. Additionally, speakers of the programme asserted that the call of the Christian out of the world to His marvellous light is not for their advantage but for the benefit of those watching in the world.

The speakers expounded on the fact that darkness in the spiritual realm contains a lot of negativities, including moral depravity, a dead conscience, and total alienation from God, from which God has called believers into His marvellous light. It was also emphasised that Jesus’s proclamation to be the light of the world simply implies that He is the antidote to every darkness in the world.

The speakers for the second edition of the Gethsemane Hour were Pastor Richmond Mensah (Aworowa District Minister), Elder Richard Daleku, Elder Frank Yeboah, and Elder Thomas Addo. Also present were Pastor Joshua Amehlor-Jackson (New Onyinase District Minister), Elder John Asumadu (Presiding Elder), Elder Peter Kusi (New Onyinase District Secretary), and the local presbytery, among others.

Report by Bethel English Assembly

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