Be Zealous In Possessing The Nations – Pastor Aidoo Tells Church Officers


The Cape Coast District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor Samuel Kofi Aidoo, has charged church leaders to be zealous in accomplishing Christ’s mission of possessing the nations.

Speaking at a three-day officers’ retreat, Pastor Aidoo reading from Ecclesiastes 9:10 urged officers of the church to work diligently in whatever assignment that has been handed to them, saying, “It is the Lord who has given it to you.”

He encouraged them to use their spiritual gifts to complement the ministry God has given them over the members and endeavour to draw them closer to God.

The Cape Coast District Minister explained that ‘zeal’ is a focused desire characterized by passion and commitment towards something, hence being zealous for God is a necessity for Christians.

Pastor Samuel Kofi Aidoo stressing the influence of a zealous character mentioned that one must have passion for the work of God, must not give up easily, and must always stay focused on the task given to them by God.

“As leaders and officers of the church, strive to possess the quality of zeal for the Lord’s work. With that, you can overcome every barrier or blockage that rises against the vision and the mission of the church,” he said.

He added: “Be concerned about the Lord’s work and work at it as though you are doing it for God and not for man. Keep your eyes on the target and never lose focus.”

Report by Cape Coast District Media Ministry

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