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Be Faithful To God – Apostle Yeboah Urges Pastors

The Chairman of the Christ Apostolic Church International (CACI), Apostle George Yeboah, has urged his compatriots in the ministry to be faithful unto themselves, to God and work hard to fulfil the purpose of their calling.

In carrying out their assignments, he said, they were obliged to lead righteous lives, without which the Bible had said no one could see God.

Apostle Yeboah was speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview, in Accra, against the backdrop of some men of God coming under constant attack over what critics see as their ungodly acts and excesses.

He noted that when church leaders, including pastors and elders, shamelessly got involved in social vices, such behaviour tended to disappoint God’s people and made the preaching of the gospel increasingly difficult.

No misdeed of any individual, he underlined, could be hidden from God, so all must be mindful of the ‘Day of Accountability’.

“As the Bible has said in Psalm 24:1, everything in this world belongs to God, therefore, we’re only stewards of these, including our bodies. Therefore, one day, we shall all give account of how we have used God’s resources,” he states.

“I, therefore, I entreat everyone who calls himself a man of God; or a woman of God; or a child of God to pursue righteousness and seriously work towards giving spiritual and physical solutions to those entrusted in their care.”

God was a rewarder of faithfulness and always helped his committed children out of their challenges, he assured.

Regardless of the criticisms the Church face today, Apostle Yeboah said its role in society must not be taken for granted. “It’s divine mission was to turn people’s hearts from sin, corruption and wickedness towards God so that they would enjoy eternal life.

“The Church is an anchor of essential moral values and virtues needful for every society – At the family level, in education, business, and politics and, indeed, in every branch of society: when the moral fibre breaks down, society will also go down.

“Therefore, the word of God, which is preached from many pulpits, provides strength for many individuals, families and leaders to enable them to carry on with lives, despite the daily challenges they face”.

Additionally, the prayers and the principles espoused by the Church largely accounted for the peace and stability the nation enjoyed, therefore, politicians and policy makers should actively and consciously work with the Church to strengthen the peace.

Apostle Yeboah said the Church must also endeavour to continue with its good works of providing social amenities, essential social services such as education, health and social empowerment counselling.

In an era when unemployment had become a serious political issue, the Church, he said, must continue to provide jobs – both for the clergy and laity-and seek to improve the living conditions of its members through counselling and the building of effective partnerships with policy makers.

Source: GNA

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