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Bawku Area Celebrates Easter With Prison Inmates

The Bawku Area of The Church of Pentecost demonstrated a compassionate gesture by celebrating Easter with the inmates of the Bawku Prisons and other Police Cells on Monday, April 1, 2024.

This event was part of the church’s Chaplaincy Ministry efforts to provide spiritual support and care to those incarcerated in the prison facility.

The Area, over the period, has been actively involved in offering chaplaincy services to the Bawku prison facility and other Police Cells. These services have had a significant impact on the inmates, leading many of them to embrace Christianity and find solace in their faith during their time of incarceration.

Moreover, to fulfil the scriptural mandate of visiting neighbours in prison, all the districts in the Area were encouraged to pay a visit to Police Cells as a climax of the Easter Season to share the love of God in words and presents.

During the ceremony held at the forecourt of the Prison facility, Pastor Eric Gyacham, the Area Head, presented items valued at GHS 6,000.00 to the Prison Warders on behalf of the inmates. The donated items included essential supplies such as first aid kits, a sack of Gari, a sack of maize, a sack of beans, a gallon of red oil, soaps for personal hygiene, and cooked foods for immediate consumption.

The Zebilla Zone, comprising the Zebilla, Tanga Aramkoliga, and Teshie districts, also offered items worth GHS 1,000.00 to the Zebilla Police Cell.

This act of generosity not only provided much-needed material support to the inmates but also served as a symbol of hope and solidarity during the Easter season, resulting in eight inmates surrendering their lives to Christ.

Report by Bawku Area Media Team

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