Ashanti Bekwai Area Holds Breakfast Meeting With Government Officials

Ashanti Bekwai Area Holds Breakfast Meeting With Government Officials

As part of the vision by The Church of Pentecost to possess the nations for Christ, the Ashanti Bekwai Area of the church has organised a day’s seminar for government officials in Amansie in the Ashanti Region.

The purpose of the meeting was to interact and share the church’s vision with key stakeholders in the area.

The programme, which was held at Yeguaa Hotel in Ashanti Bekwai on February 17, 2022, brought together Heads of Government Departments and Agencies in Amansie.

Apostle Fred Tiakor, the Ashanti Bekwai Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, who convened the meeting, in an address, said the Church in collaboration with the heads of institutions can build clean and developed communities devoid of criminalities.

Rev. Philip Tutu (International Christian Ministry, Ghana) who was the main speaker for the seminar spoke on the subject: “Advocating for Peace and Progress in Amansie Communities.”

He said that the role of leadership in ensuring peace in Amansie and the world at large is very important. Since everything rises and falls on the leader, he indicated that leaders in Amansie communities have a major role to play in ensuring the peace and progress of their communities.

He noted that where there is no peace progress is impossible. To Advocate for peace and progress, he called on the people in the area to be each other’s keepers.

“We should be people that seek the best of interest of the other person and the community at large, since a kingdom divided among itself can never stand,” he stated.

He added: “Advocating for peace and progress in Amansie communities should be a shared responsibility. This calls for a total commitment of all and not a few, and an attitudinal change. Advocating for peace and progress means giving a person support to have their voices heard, hence Amansie needs a voice.”

Rev. Philip Tutu reiterated that to ensure and sustain peace in Amansie communities and Ghana at large there should be improved collaboration between religious bodies, government, media, security services, families and labour associations.

He stressed the need to build the capacities of security forces to avert crimes and terrorist attacks.

Touching on some of the benefits of peace, he said that a peaceful nation or community attracts investment which reduces unemployment. He added that when there is peace, tourism potentials will be explored and put to use; people will not live in fear of being attacked, while children will grow in the land of their ancestors.

Politically, Amansie consists of Bekwai Municipality, Amansie West, Central, and South Districts with a vast population of 340,383 people based on the 2021 Population and Housing Census report. The people are predominantly farmers, partial small-scale miners, and petty traders.

In attendance were Asante Bekwai Divisional Police Commander, Heads of Senior High Schools in Amansie communities, Representative of Bekwai Municipal Chief Executive, Bekwai Municipal ECG Engineer, Manager of GCB – Bekwai, Manager of Amansie Rural Bank, Bekwai Municipal Head of Forestry Commission, and other representatives of Civil Society Organisations in Amansie.

Report by Overseer Frank Osei Tutu.

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