Asenemaso District Holds Maiden Family Week Celebration web

Asenemaso District Holds Maiden Family Week Celebration

The Asenemaso District in the Abuakwa Area of The Church of Pentecost has held its maiden edition of the Family Week celebration.

The overarching theme for the celebration, which took place from November 13-19, 2023, was “Building and sustaining the family altar to impact generations.”

Under the direction of Pastor Peter and Mrs Divina Quayson (Asenemaso District Minister), the event was divided into three main sessions: Officers, Singles, and Couples.

The week was climaxed with a dinner night on Saturday to foster fellowship among singles and couples.

The singles session, dubbed “Exairetiko’s Conference,” took place on Monday and Tuesday under the theme: “Living an exceptional single life.”

The family week celebration aligns with the Church’s Tenet, clearly stating its marriage and family life stance.

The Church believes marriage is a God-ordained union for the lifelong intimate relationship between a man and a woman, as biologically defined.

The opening session of the family week celebration was grand and glamorously executed, witnessing the gathering of all officers and their spouses in the district. It was a beautiful gathering of old and young couples renewing their love, culminating in a dinner.

Opening the celebration, Pastor Peter Quayson underscored the need for officers to focus on the family as the foundation of their ministry.

He preached on the topic, “The family as the basic unit of the church.” Couples also had the opportunity to share life and marriage experiences.

In the singles’ session, Pastor Enock Ohene Karikari, the Abuakwa PIWC Resident Minister and the Area Youth Pastor, shared insightful thoughts on living an exceptional life, using Joseph as a case study.

According to him, in pursuing exceptionalism, one must acknowledge the inherent challenges and sacrifices accompanying such aspirations.

“Exceptional individuals understand that greatness comes at a cost and are willing to pay the hard price required for outstanding achievements,” he stated.

Pastor Peter Quayson, on his part, took the youth through the principles of exceptional single life. He emphasised that being extraordinary is non-negotiable since the world recognises and values excellence more than hard work.

He asserted that striving for excellence has a way of attracting opportunities and recognition from others. In the couple’s session, Pastor Agyemang Boateng addressed the various challenges families face today and provided biblical responses.

He opined that many of these challenges are man-made. He stated: “The family is incredibly important, and it’s the foundation of every country and state, and we should never downplay its role in our lives.”

The Saturday evening was observed as a family dinner night for the entire church.

Report by Asenemaso District Media Team.

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