Apostle Kotei Djani Dedicates 48 Projects In The Tamale Area

In a year that has been largely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tamale Area Head and Executive Council Member of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Isaac Nii Kotei Djani, has within the months of September and November, dedicated 36 completed church building projects in the Area to the glory of God.

With the able assistance of the area pastorate, Apostle Kotei Djani has also dedicated nine mission houses, a three-unit classroom block for the Pentecost Preparatory School, Daboya, and a pavilion for the Nanton Community Health Centre.

In addition to this, the outgoing Area Head has laid the foundation stones for eight church buildings and a Kindergarten (KG) block for Pentecost Preparatory School at Lonto.

The projects were mainly funded through the Community Based Church Building (CBCB) and Urban Accelerated Church Buildings (UACB) initiatives of the CoP Headquarters. Other financial assistance received include Chairman’s fiat, Mission grants, Area grants, Area Development Funds, Pentecost Social Services (PENTSOS), as well as contributions from the various districts, local assemblies and some benevolent individuals.

The dedicated CBCB projects were Bunyili and Tolon Central Assemblies (Tolon District), Fufulso Assembly (Yapei District), Gumani Assembly (Kalpohin), Jelo Assembly (Daloayili District), Lingbinsi Assembly (Daboya District), Sagnarigu Central and Choggu Assembly (Sagnarigu District), Jimile Central (Jimile District), Binkonaloli Central (Binkonaloli District), Sankpala Central Assembly (Sankpala District), Canteen and Mognori Assemblies (Damongo District), Tailorkope and Kafaba Central Assemblies (Kafaba District), Kulpi and Kuwani Assemblies (Loloto District), Adiku and Nekpo Assemblies (Lonto District) and Kpadjai No. 1 Assembly (Kpadjai District),

The rest are Okyerepe and Gulubi Central Assemblies (Gulubi-Quarters District), Kpogede, Water Works, Garishamu, Grushie-Zongo Assemblies (Salaga District), Bunjai Central Assembly (Bunjai District), Mempeasem Assembly (Sabonjida District), Digbila and Nanton Central (Nanton District), Kanvile Assembly (Kamina District), Langatiri Assembly (Busunu District), Banvim Assembly (Lamashegu District), and Kadia and Diare Central Assemblies (Diare District)

The mission houses of the newly-created Binkonaloli, Bunjai, Adamupe, and Sankpala Districts, which were carved out of Karaga, Salaga, Loloto, and Lamashegu Districts respectively, were dedicated along with those of the Tolon, Busunu, Jimile, Nanton Districts, and PENSA Traveling Secretary, Northern Region.

Delivering a sermon on the theme, “The Glorious Exit,” based on Luke 16:19-31, Apostle Kotei Djani said “there is an end to everything in life and ministry, but in the end, we must give an account. If our account is good, we will receive great rewards from the Lord.”

He, therefore, encouraged the congregants to keep on serving the Lord and doing good works in every opportunity granted them. “Let us make the most of every opportunity and give our best in all situations, because everything will come to an end, and at the end, we will either be glorified and filled with joy or we will be filled with regrets, don’t be in the latter,” he said.

Speaking on his departure, Apostle Djani, who leaves Tamale for Techiman, admonished the members to put their hearts at peace and to warmly receive their new Area Head, the same way they received him.

He also thanked the leadership of The Church of Pentecost for the various financial support the Area received during his five-year stay in Tamale.

The dedication ceremonies were graced by the area pastorate and their wives, chiefs and other stakeholders within the communities, representatives from GPCC, church officers and some members of the Tamale Area. 

Report by: Overseers Ephraim Kofi Ahiable & Solomon Anderson

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