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Antoa For Christ Crusade Starts Despite Heavy Downpour

The New Tafo Area of The Church of Pentecost Crusade aimed at salvaging the lost and perishing souls at Antoa, a town in the Kwabre East Municipality of the Ashanti Region, endured a one and half hour heavy downpour at the opening.

The commencement of the much-anticipated crusade was heralded by an evangelism float through the town to announce the beauty of Christ which was warmly received by residents.

However, a few minutes to the start of the crusade, rains from nowhere set in, yet the hundreds of members who took shelter in buses, sheds and under trees did not cease to pray and worship God as some participants defied the rains and stepped out to pray, sing and dance to the glory of God.

The rains later wind down before the Area Head, Apostle Samuel Antwi    , who was also engaged in prayers with a section of the pastors and organisers later addressed the congregation amidst songs of praises and excitements.

He told PENTECOST NEWS that irrespective of the interference, the crusade has taken full flight and the evidence was defined in the joy on the hearts of the congregation.

“Antoa is not the land of idols or gods, it is the land of the Almighty God and our mission to possess this township is on course,” he said.

He added: “Come rain or shine, we promised to come and we delivered. The rains came and we attribute this opening episode to the Sovereign God who knows best and is superior in His decisions.

“The rains have brought a great victory unto us and we are very much grateful. The success of the commencement of the crusade is defined in the joy of the members and this is no failure. This is a victory to the glory of God,” he added.

The crusade continues as scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with the banner of the Lord lifted up high on Antoa and its environs to possess the whole areas for Christ.

“The remaining three days will be massive and the Gospel will be preached. All the Area Heads invited will be present to grace the occasion and come what may, Antoa will be turned around at the end of the crusade,” Apostle Samuel Antwi concluded.

Report by Dennis Owusu.

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