Ankasie Community Receive Farm Equipment Worth GHS 53,000.00

The Wassa Ankasie Assembly in the Agona District of The Church of Pentecost, in partnership with Compassion International Ghana (CIGH), has donated farm equipment worth GHS 53,000.00 to some residents of the Ankasie community.

The donation, which includes crocodile cutlasses, weedicides, pairs of wellington boots, and a cash amount of GHS 100.00 each, were presented to the beneficiaries at a short presentation ceremony held on Monday, March 20, 2023.

According to Pastor John Kweku Nartey, the Wassa Ankasie District Minister and the pastor-in-charge of the project, the gesture would help the 166 beneficiaries clear and prepare their farmlands for the planting season in May this year.

He further stated that, as part of the project, cocoa seedlings, coconut seedlings, orange and oil palm would be given to the beneficiaries, who are the selected caregivers of children in the community enrolled on the CIGH project.

“Our focus is to provide them with self-sustaining financial support. This is part of the interventions that Compassion International gives to the parents of the children on the project annually to support them and alleviate poverty,” he said.

Other CIGH officials present at the presentation ceremony were Mr. Justice Tsormana (Project Director), Elder Divine Todzo (Account Clerk) and Deaconess Priscilla Arthur (Social Health Worker).

The partnership between the Ankasie Assemby and CIGH began in 2017 when the latter undertook a feasibility study on the veracity of planting a Child and Youth Development Centre in the community.

The collaboration, however, came into force in 2018 after the community met all the criteria for the project, with the Church serving as the Implementing Church Partner (ICP) for the project.

Currently, 210 children of the Wassa Ankasie Assembly are enrolled onto the CIGH initiative.


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