Akuse District Holds Maiden Adult Literacy School Matriculationweb

Akuse District Holds Maiden Adult Literacy School Matriculation

The Akuse District in the Agormanya Area of The Church of Pentecost has organised a matriculation ceremony for 80 participants of the Adult Literacy School.

Speaking at the event which took place on Sunday, April 30, 2023, the Akuse District Minister, Pastor Jacob Kwakye Frimpong, noted that the Adult Literacy School, an initiative under Vision 2023, seeks to provide literacy skills to the public and reduce illiteracy levels in the nation.

He said the ceremony aimed to welcome and orient participants on the course outlines, rules, and regulations.

Highlighting the importance of the programme, Pastor Frimpong explained that the Adult Literacy School would give participants a chance to gain new skills and expand their knowledge.

He added that it would enable participants to reach their full potential by gaining confidence in their careers and workplaces, and further help them to read the Bible in multiple languages, interpret it accurately, and communicate more effectively.

The nine-month programme is in four major languages: English, Dangme, Twi, and Ewe, with Elder Stephen Adamnor (Twi Lecturer), Mr Modzifa Awucutse (English Language), Elder Edmund Lawer (Dangme), and Deaconess Celestine Boyo (Ewe), as facilitators.

The special guest and Headmaster of Akuse R/C Primary School, Mr Ayertey Amartey, commended The Church of Pentecost for the initiative and encouraged the participants to take the programme seriously.

Deaconess Georgina Amoni (Headmistress of Akuse R/C JHS) and Madam Lydia Kaletsi (Headmistress of Akuse Presby School) were in attendance.

Others were Mrs Cynthia Frimpong (wife of the Akuse District Minister), Elder Ezekiel Abban Teye (Agormanya Area Chaplaincy Assistant Coordinator), officers and members of the Church.

Report by Agormanya Area Media Team

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