Akrampah Assembly Church Building Dedication (002)a

Akrampa Assembly Church Building Dedicated

The Akrampa assembly Community-Based Church Building (CBCB) in Awutu Beraku District in the Winneba Area of The Church of Pentecost has been dedicated.

The dedication service, which took place on Friday, October 16, 2020, was officiated by the Winneba Area Head, Apostle Samuel Otu Appiah, assisted by the District Minister, Pastor Emmanuel Korbla Gbadago (now retired).

Delivering the sermon on the topic, “Your Body is the New Testament Temple,” based on Acts 7:47, the Gyahadze District Minister, Pastor Isaac Sunkwa, revealed that in the Old Testament, God dwelled in the temples made by men, but now, “the believer’s body is the New Testament temple where God’s glory, beauty, nature, and Spirit dwells.”

He explained that the believer’s body, however, may not be suitable for God’s dwelling if they are not living in spirit and truth according to the dictates of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Through faith in Christ, the believer’s body becomes a suitable habitat for God’s Spirit, and the believer himself becomes the Priest that performs the priestly duties in that temple,” he reiterated.

He emphasised that, “the temple built by Solomon in the Old Testament was fixed at a particular place, but the New Testament temple is a movable temple where spiritual sacrifices, worship, prayers, offerings can be held anywhere and anytime.”

He expounded that since the believer’s body is the temple of God, then every believer should make sure that their temples possess solid foundations that are built on the teachings and precepts of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Sunkwa admonished all believers to walk in the consciousness that their bodies are indeed God’s temple, as such, all believers should do well to shun evil and keep their bodies holy so that the glory of God will fill it and dwell in them.

Report by Pastor Isaac Sunkwa (Winneba Area Reporter).

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