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Akosombo New Combine Central Church Building Dedicated

The Central Assembly Church Building of the Akosombo New Combine District in the Agormanya Area of The Church of Pentecost has been dedicated to the glory of God.

The building, which is valued at GH₵196,398.00, was dedicated on December 30, 2018 by the Area Head, Apostle James Gabriel Quardson, assisted by the District Minister, Pastor Henry Adu Obuobi.

Pastor George Owusu of Asesewa District exhorted the congregation on the theme, “Let The Glory of God Fill Your Temple.”

Using 2 Chronicles 7:1-3 and 1 Corinthians 3:16-19 as background texts, he noted that David wanted to build a temple for the Lord but the Lord chose his son Solomon to do that instead, yet he did not give up.

He said King David acquired all the necessary items needed to put up the temple to facilitate the work of his successor [Solomon], who was mandated by God to build the temple.

Pastor Owusu admonished leaders who precede others to prepare the ground for their successors.

He noted that Christians are carriers of the Spirit of God (God dwells in our bodies). “The body of a believer is the temple of God; we must live a consecrated life dedicated fully to the worship of God. By so doing, the glory of God would be seen in our lives,” he observed.

Making reference to Matthew 6:33, he entreated believers to put God first in all their dealings.

According to Pastor Owusu, King Solomon chose the wisdom of God over material things. He therefore entreated believers to choose the things of God over those of the world.

He warned that, God’s judgement awaits those who destroy the temple of God (their bodies) by leading immoral lifestyle. He advised the unmarried to stand for chastity before marriage.

Inasmuch as it is needful to consecrate our bodies from lifestyles that tarnish the glory of God, environmental stewardship is also scriptural.

Stressing on the need for Christians to be responsible for environmental cleanliness, he admonished them to cultivate the habit of growing ornamental plants and maintaining them for the beautification of the earth God has placed under the care of humanity.

“For the glory of God to abide with us, we must sacrifice our time, strength and other resources to worshipping Him,” he concluded.

The Area Head led the congregation through a prayer session which was followed with the ordination of some brothers and sisters as officers of the Church.

The Member of Parliament for the Asuogyaman Constituency, Honourable Thomas Ampem Nyarko, in a short presentation commended The Church of Pentecost for her unbeatable record of judicious use of funds in project construction.

Present at the ceremony were: Nana Ansah Prem (Chief of Akosombo), Nene Joseph Akonor (Krobo Chief, Akosombo), Mr. Joseph Sackitey (Assembly Member, New Combine Electoral Area), Mr. Jonathan Ayamdo (Assembly Member, Pupuni Electoral Area),

Also present was the wife of the Area Head, Mrs. Felicia Quardson, and the Area pastorate.

Report by Agormanya Area Media Team

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