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A Lesson Of Integrity

Something happened two weeks ago, and I believe it’s a lesson that will bless many young people.

I needed money urgently for a transaction, so I went into my Standard Chartered Ghana bank app and transferred some money into my Mobile Money (MoMo) wallet. It usually takes three to five seconds to receive the transfer in my MoMo wallet, but somewhat unusually, the transfer delayed.

After about 30 minutes, I called the StanChart helpline to register my complaint, but the agent told me they were having challenges, so I should wait 24 hours for the transaction to be reversed. As I contemplated what to do next, I saw that my MoMo wallet had been credited in about an hour, so I thought the issue had been resolved.

Two hours later, I got an alert from StanChart indicating that my transaction was unsuccessful and had been reversed. Indeed, I checked my balance, and the transaction had been reversed. Meanwhile, the amount in my MoMo wallet, too, was intact – The “accounts people” will say double credit.

I waited for some days to check if it would be corrected, and when it wasn’t being corrected, I called the helpline again to let them know the mistake. Meanwhile, I needed money to sort some things out, so that extra GHS 2,000.00 credited to my StanChart account would have been a “cool chop” for me.

A day later, after I called to let them know what had happened, I got a call from a lady from StanChart who was very nice. I explained what had happened, and I could tell she was quite surprised, so I told her, “Please, I’m doing this for integrity purposes just to clear my conscience that I’ve not cheated the bank.” She told me the Digital team would resolve it and get back to me.

Now this is the crux of this testimony. After I told the lady about the issue, I felt so happy in my spirit. I was happy I had done the right thing. I mean felt unspeakable joy within. I walked around the house with a feeling of accomplishment. I had promised myself that GHS 2,000.00 belongs to StanChart, and nothing would make me spend it even if I am broke to the last pesewa until it is resolved.

Now hear me, young man and woman, how much integrity do you carry in you? Sometimes people mistakenly send into our MoMo account, and some of us are happy to withdraw and spend the money which doesn’t belong to us. Are you a person of integrity?

Integrity is being able to stand before men and God in secret to account for the minutest of issues. Some of us claim to be Christians, yet when we find people’s missing items, we keep them and say God has given us a gift. God is not a thief, and He doesn’t encourage thievery.

I want this thing that happened to me to teach young people a lesson. I could have kept the money without reporting it; perhaps no one would have noticed it, including the bank. Maybe they would have recorded it as a loss at the end of the year, but God would have realised that this guy couldn’t be trusted.

Dear Reader, God loves honest people. I pray that you will be a man and woman of integrity. Do the right thing even if it will cost you, and God will honour you.

Written by Pastor Emmanuel Kyei Boate (Pentecost International Worship Centre, Bolga)

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