Kwadaso Area Launches “One Member One Discipled Soul” Project

Scores of members in the Kwadaso Area of The Church of Pentecost took part in an hour-long float organised to mark the official launch of the area’s “One Member One Discipled Soul” project.

The float was spearheaded by the Area Evangelism Ministry, led by the Area Evangelism Leader, Pastor Joseph Yaw Ntiamoah. Among the participants were the Area Head, Apostle John Budu Kobina Tawiah, and his wife, Mrs. Agartha Tawiah, as well as the Area Pastorate. 

Wearing their branded T-shirts, the members marched through the streets of the Kwadaso Municipality displaying placards with Salvation inscriptions while others distributed gospel tracts to onlookers. The float ended at the Kwadaso Central Assembly church auditorium where the launch ceremony took place.

Speaking on the theme, “Empowered To Possess Nations” with Psalms 2:8 and Joshua 2:8-12, as his scripture references, Apostle J. K. B. Tawiah admonished members of the church to avail themselves to be empowered by the Holy Spirit for evangelism. He stressed that the core mandate of every New Testament believer is to preach the gospel and make disciples.

Apostle Tawiah further charged Christians to be prepared to possess the land by force through the power of the Holy Spirit which is at work in their individual lives and The Church of Pentecost.

“Stepping out into the environs of Kwadaso with a float is a means of announcing our presence in the communities. The people the Kwadaso shall tremble at our presence since we have been empowered and commissioned by the Almighty God to possess the communities,” he said.

The Area Head, therefore, charged and admonished the young members to step out to preach the gospel in the power of the Holy Ghost and possess the land for the Lord by force. He prayed for the unction of early fathers of the church to fall on the contemporary generation and empower them for the effective spread of the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Touching on “Possessing the Nations” agenda of the church, Apostle Tawiah explained that to possess the land means to possess souls (the people of the land), by preaching of the word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

According to him, the two main assets required to succeed in this endeavour are the power of the Holy Spirit and the word of God. “The power in the word of God is self-sufficient and does not depend on commentaries and concordances to prove its potency. This power alone is able to transform lives and eliminate evil from our nation,” he said.

Referring to the mission statement of The Church of Pentecost, which is “We exist to establish responsible and self-sustaining churches filled with committed, Spirit-filled Christians of character who will impact their communities,” Apostle Tawiah charged the members to be bold in the quest to win souls for the Lord. He advised them not to only preach through words but their character.

Pastor Joseph Ntiamoah on his part, thanked the 700 members present at the event for gracing the occasion with their presence and charged them to go out and make disciples with boldness. He said that the best way Christians can demonstrate their love for unbelievers is to lead them to Jesus Christ. 

He said that it is not enough to preach the gospel to people but it is equally that they also follow-up on them and teach them to be well-grounded in the faith. Concluded by advising the church leaders to keep proper records of souls won and to involve themselves evangelism activities and ensure effective follow-up of new converts and backslidden members. 

Report by Kwadaso Area Media Team


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