9-Year-Old Sunday School Girl Sews Dress In 15 Minutes web

9-Year-Old Sunday School Girl Sews Dress In 15 Minutes

Bridget Klove, a nine-year-old Sunday School girl in Avoeme District in the Aflao Area of The Church of Pentecost, wowed members of her church with her amazing sewing skills during a talent and exhibition event organized by the Children’s Ministry at Viepe Assembly as part of the just-ended National Children’s Ministry Week Celebration.

The gifted girl, who fellowships with Amedenta Assembly, sewed the dress in the record time of 15 minutes.

The event, dubbed “Talent Night,” was organised to encourage the Sunday School children in the district to showcase their talents and gifts.

Participants were completely shocked by the skills and dexterity of Bridget.

Bridget’s mother, who herself is a seamstress, exclaimed that she was always at a loss as to how her daughter could sew dresses since she had not undergone any professional training.

She added that some of the dresses her daughter wears to church are sewn by her daughter without any assistance. She, therefore, sees her daughter’s ability as a gift from God.

Pastor Daniel Teye Gyan Henanaopeh, the Avoeme District Minister, used the occasion to encourage parents to help their children explore their talents since the Lord has gifted them with unlimited capabilities.

Other children also seized the occasion to showcase their talents and abilities to the excitement of participants.

In attendance were Mrs. Hannah Henanaopeh (Wife of the district minister), Avoeme District Children’s Ministry Workers, and teeming members of the Church.

Report by Pastor Francis Lamptey (Aflao Area Reporter)

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