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Mrs. Roberta Aseyero, the wife of the Suhum Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, has stated that one’s geographical location cannot prevent them from receiving God’s gracious love and mercies.

She made this profound declaration on Thursday, March 14. 2024 at the Shekinah Temple, Aflao, during the morning session of the “Aflao for Christ” crusade, which is being organised by the National Evangelism Ministry in conjunction with the Women’s Ministry.

She spoke on a message titled: “The Live Giver Is A Gracious God”, based on Joshua 2:1-21.

Mrs. Aseyero recounted how Rahab, a citizen of Jericho, received unmerited favour from God even though she did not deserve it.

Expounding her sermon, she said that after God had assured the Israelites of His provisions and promises to grant them the Promised Land as their treasured possession, Joshua their leader chose two spies to go and spy the land and bring back their report. Coincidentally, these men went into the house of Rahab, a prominent prostitute in Jericho. The men could have entered any other house, but out of divine goodwill and favour, the men found themselves in the Rahab.

“How could God, who was looking for a place for his people, direct these men to the house of a prostitute? This can only be possible through grace. God saw the longing of Rahab for him after she had heard of his fame in Jericho and chose a way to visit and rescue her”, she added.

She further stressed that in order to whitewash God’s gracious deliverance to Rahab, some Bible commentators claim that the spies went to an inn which belonged to her. This is because they could not fathom how God would send his people into the house of a prostitute.

However, “the life-giver is no respecter of persons. He is very gracious. In his kindness, he shows unmerited favour to everyone without conditions. It doesn’t matter the language you speak or your geographical location; the giver of life can show you favour,” she emphasised. 

Relating her message to the ongoing crusade, she retorted that some people might be asking themselves why the program is being organised at this particular time. She surmised that it is out of God’s divine providence and salvific purposes that the crusade has been brought to Aflao.

“God has purposed to use the crusade to set the captives free. God in this season is changing stories and transforming lives” she added.

She revealed that God will visit those who desire or long for him.

“If you don’t allow yourself to be carried along with this wave of revival, other people who have visited the land because of the crusade will take the blessings away. You have to avail yourselves for God to use you as liberators” she admonished the congregants.

Mrs. Aseyero posited some virtues about Rahab that is worth emulating. Firstly, she knew what to ask and say at the right time. She became a liberator of her family because she made her requests to the spies at the right time. 

“When Rahab had the right opportunity, she requested that she and her family be spared of God’s judgment upon the land. If God listened to a prostitute who had no relationship with him, is it too difficult for him to bless those who know him and put their trust in him? As children of God, we must not doubt God’s providential power and gracious deliverance,” she noted.

Secondly, she revealed that as a mark of her trust in the God of Israel, Rahab tied a scarlet robe on the window that she used to let down spies down when they fled from Jericho. The scarlet robe made her house look different from the rest. In the time of judgment, it was the scarlet robe that would distinguish her house from the rest from the rest.

Mrs. Aseyero prayed that God would put his sign of protection over the lives of those present, protecting them from evil and satanic attacks.

Thirdly, Rahab also told the spies about the news of God’s mighty works and power that had spread throughout the city of Jericho. Like Rahab, Mrs. Aseyero admonished Christians to make good use of information.

Rahab’s knowledge about the Israelites afforded her the opportunity to pray seek the welfare of his family.

“We are in the information age. What you don’t know will kill you” she emphasised.

According to the wife of the Suhum Area Head, another virtue that Rahab possessed that is worth emulating is that she was a hard-working woman.

Mrs. Aseyero stated that through her research, she discovered that Rahab was into a basket weaving business.

She, therefore, advised Christians to invest in multiple businesses in order to cushion their income and support their families.

Mrs. Roberta Aseyero also noted that Rahab knew how to create opportunities, adding: “Our ability to identify opportunities can open unlimited doors for us. Rahab hid the spies on top of her roof because she saw an opportunity to extend favour to these men, believing that whoever waters shall himself be watered.”

She concluded that Rahab had to wait for her deliverance to come. Even though it was delayed, she was not denied. She and her family were saved, and God’s providential grace enabled her to marry a Jewish royal, which made her become a great-grandmother of King David.

“If Rahab, who happens to be a prostitute and a liar, could receive God’s grace, then whatever situation we find ourselves in can also be turned around when we turn to the Lord. The Christian ought to speak positively about the situation, and things will change, for God spoke to darkness during the creation, and there was light. God is looking for a willing and obedient heart. Once it is given to him, he will surely extend his hand of favour to the seeker”, she explained.

The four-day event is being held under the theme “In Him is Life (John 1:4).”

Report by Aflao Area Media Team

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