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3 Officers Retire In Amasaman District

The Amasaman District in the Achimota Area of The Church of Pentecost on Sunday, June 18, 2023, held a retirement service for three illustrious officers who have served dutifully in various capacities in the church for several years.

These retirees, Elder Albert Brefo, Elder Peter Mensah, and Deaconess Grace Mensah, have dedicated many years of diligent service in various capacities within the church.

The retirement service took place at the Amasaman Central Assembly auditorium (Mercy Temple) in Amasaman and was officiated by Apostle Eric Nyamekye, the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost.

Apostle Abraham Swanzy, the National Director of the Ghana Evangelism Committee, also assisted in the ceremony.

Officiating the service, Apostle Nyamekye stated that those who believe in Jesus are blessed and extend to future generations.

He encouraged the congregation, stating, “Even if you don’t have children, adopt someone and treat them as your own.”

Speaking on the theme “Possessing the Cities of Your Enemies,” Apostle Nyamekye reiterated that for descendants to overcome the challenges and obstacles, they must possess strength and empowerment.

He emphasised the importance of being capable, competent, and influential in specific fields.

Elder Albert Brefo, a highly regarded Bible teacher and staunch guardian of the Pentecostal heritage, was ordained as a deacon in The Church of Pentecost in 1976 by Pastor Painstil in Accra. Later 1988, Apostle S.K. Ansong ordained him as an elder in Kumasi. Elder Brefo, married to Theresa Afia Owusu-Nyarko, has seven sons, two of whom are church ministers.

He served in several leadership roles throughout his tenure, including being the first Presiding Elder of Woraso Assembly in Kumawu District (1983-1987) and the first Presiding Elder of Opah Assembly in Taifa District (2003-2004). He also served as the Chairman of the District Marriage Committee in Amasaman (2004-2023) and was a member of the District Ministerial Committee (1998-2023), among other responsibilities.

Elder Peter Mensah, the founder of the Royal Priesthood Academy since 1996, was ordained as a deacon in 1994 and as an elder in 2001. He is known for his expertise in Bible teaching, discipline, exceptional generosity and support for church projects, and youth mentorship. Elder Mensah, married to Deaconess Grace Mensah, is the father of six children.

His contributions to the church include serving as a District Executive Committee Member in Sarpeiman (2016-2020), a District Ministerial Committee Member in Sarpeiman (2016-2020), a District Executive Committee Member in Amasaman (2009-2016), and an Amasaman Local PEMEM Leader (2000-2004), among other roles.

Deaconess Grace Clottey-Mensah, a registered nurse and midwife, has co-founded the Royal Priesthood Academy since 1996. She was ordained as a deaconess of The Church of Pentecost in 1998. She actively supports the Ministry to Prisons, demonstrates exceptional generosity, mentors the youth, and possesses a captivating charisma.

Her notable positions include serving as the Amasaman Worship Center/ District Women’s Ministry Leader (2004-2008), Amasaman WC Prisons Coordinator (2004-2015), Chieftaincy Ministry Secretary in McKeown Assembly (2022-date), and Sarpeiman District PENTSOS Committee Secretary (2016-2021), among others.

These dedicated officers are highly esteemed for their selfless service to the church and commitment to positively impacting humanity.


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