28 Inmates Of Ejura Camp Prison Surrender To Christ

Twenty-eight inmates of the recently commissioned Ejura Camp Prison have surrendered their lives to Christ.  Of this figure, twenty-seven of them have undergone water baptism to the glory of God.

This remarkable event took place on Sunday, October 10, 2021, when the Mampong Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor Samuel Kwabena Asare, together with his wife, Beatrice, joined the prison inmates for church service as part of his working visit to the facility. The Area Head’s entourage included Overseer Osei Mensah (Agric College District Minister) and Overseer Sylvester Avorgah (Kasei District Minister)

Exhorting the inmates on the topic: “You Shall Know the Truth” with scripture reference from John 8:30-36, Pastor Asare said that sin is the only thing on earth that keeps people in perpetual bondage, and this was why Jesus came to set captives free. 

According to him, “there are so many people in the world who think they are free because they are not in a prison [physically] but are perpetual slaves and prisoners of sin.”

He explained that the Israelites understood freedom to be the liberation from physical oppression because their forebears were slaves in Egypt before they were rescued by God through Moses.

“For this reason, after their deliverance, the Israelites thought they were no longer slaves; however, they were still under the bondage of sin, and this is the truth Jesus referred to in John 14:6 and Colossians 1:13,” he stated.

“Anyone who sins is a slave of sin. Hence, what sets one free from slavery and sin is the Truth, not the abundance of wealth, education, position, status in life, etc. Jesus Christ is the truth who gives us freedom from sin and slavery and the power of darkness unto light,” he added. 

He further stressed that only Jesus has the power to forgive people of every sin and give them lasting peace. Pastor Asare, therefore, encouraged the inmates not to allow their present situation to ruin God’s plan for their lives. He said God has deposited something special in them that is unique and beneficial to the world. 

The Area Head also revealed that the new converts would undergo the New Converts’ Class to help ground them in their newfound faith in Christ. 

After the service, the inmates pleaded with the pastorate to pay regular visits to the facility to share fellowship with them. They also requested for Bibles and other provisions to aid their spiritual and physical development.

As part of the service, ten inmates were appointed to serve in various leadership positions of the non-denominational church in the Camp prison. Also, prayers were offered for the 12 inmates who are due for release this month. 

The Ejura Camp Prison was built by The Church of Pentecost as part of efforts to decongest prison facilities in Ghana and promote the welfare of prisoners. The fully furnished prison infrastructure was commissioned and handed over to the Ghana Prisons Service in May this year.

Report by Overseer Osei Mensah

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