140 Souls Won During Second Day Of Tema-Ashaiman for Christ Crusade1 web

140  Souls Won During Second Day Of “Tema-Ashaiman For Christ” Crusade

The heavens echoed with joy as 140 individuals surrendered their lives to Christ during the ongoing Tema-Ashaiman for Christ gospel crusade last night.

The event, hosted at the Nii Oninku Park (Tema Community 1), continues to set remarkable records, boasting an attendance of over 6000 participants.

Preaching at the event, Apostle James Asare, the Kasoa Area Head, emphasised that true satisfaction can only be found in Christ Jesus. He highlighted that many have attempted to discover fulfillment through avenues such as alcohol, drugs, material possessions, money, and pleasure, all in vain.

Apostle Asare stressed that those seeking satisfaction in temporary pleasures are ultimately at a loss. He contrasted this with the eternal and lasting life that Jesus offers.

In a passionate appeal, he called on everyone to embrace the life offered by Jesus for a more meaningful existence.

He assured them that just as the prodigal son was wholeheartedly received by his father on his return, God is also ever ready to welcome them home through faith in Christ Jesus.

Following the sermon, an altar call resulted in 140 individuals, including 29 children, surrendering their lives to Christ. Additionally, 21 backslidden Christians rededicated themselves to Christ.

In a testament to God’s glory, 96 of the new converts underwent water baptism on the same day, with 36 of them also receiving the Holy Spirit baptism.


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