14 Years Of Cry Ends After Woman Delivers First Child web

14 Years Of Cry Ends After Woman Delivers First Child

Deaconess Christiana Baidoo-Gorman Armah and Elder Frank Armah, a devoted couple from the Downtown District of The Church of Pentecost in Kasoa, celebrated their long-awaited miracle after 14 years of longing for a child.

Their arduous journey through countless medical tests, medications, and even herbal remedies had left them feeling hopeless. Despite fervent prayers from Christian leaders, their dream of conceiving a child seemed unattainable.

However, their lives took a joyous turn when Pastor Andrews Owusu of Downtown District assumed his post as the district minister in 2021. Christiana, District Leader of the Children’s Ministry, shared their incredible story with Pentecost News, recalling the pivotal moment that altered their fate:

“A few months after Pastor Andrews Owusu joined our district, he invited my husband and me to the mission house. There, he assured us that God had answered our prayers and urged us to offer daily thanks in our prayers. Although skeptical, as we had encountered similar proclamations before, we remained faithful. And true to his word, God blessed us just weeks later, even when we had lost all hope.”

Christiana’s disbelief persisted even when her doctor confirmed her pregnancy during a routine check-up. She insisted on a second diagnosis, convinced it was an erroneous result due to her previous struggles. It wasn’t until her belly swelled with the miracle of life that she accepted the incredible truth.

On January 25th, 2023, precisely 14 years after their wedding anniversary, Christiana delivered a healthy baby boy at Ridge Hospital in Accra. The couple’s joy multiplied when their son was formally dedicated on April 22nd, 2023, in a ceremony officiated by Pastor Bernard Kwarteng of New Amanfrom District, representing the Downtown-Ofaakor Area Head, Apostle Dr. Benjamin Ali.

“I empathize with the pain of infertility and sincerely hope no woman has to endure it. Today, I am filled with joy, and my husband shares in this happiness. We are eternally grateful to God for finally answering our prayers. All glory belongs to Him,” she stated.


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