10 Gallant Officers Retire From Active Service

10 Gallant Officers Retire From Active Service

The Osu District in La Area of The Church of Pentecost has organised a retirement service on Sunday, November 27, 2022, for ten officers at the Osu Central Assembly church auditorium.

The retired officers are Elder Felix Kwame Ferkah, who served for 30 years; Elder Daniel Tuah Agyare, 28 years; Deacon David Boahene, 16years; Deaconess Mary Boakye, 24 years; Deaconess Victoria Nana Ansaa Majdoub, 20 years; Deaconess Margaret Ferkah, 36 years; Deaconess Rosina Abrokwah, 20 years; Deaconess Lydia Oppong, 22 years; Deaconess Mary Yaa Appiah Agyeiwaa, 30 years; and Deaconness Comfort Darko, 20 years.

Speaking on the theme; “Serving God with A Clear Conscience to Possess the Nations”, the La Area Head, Apostle Dr. Dieudonne Komla Nuekpe, noted that once anyone is called into a leadership or ministry position, they are supposed to serve well with a clear mind and heart in order to receive its associated reward. 

“If any leader is able to serve God as they should, they are honoured because not all leaders are able to finish well, some drop on the way due to life compromises,” he added. 

Apostle Dieudonne charged members to serve God with a clear mind and heart to contribute meaningfully to the “possessing the nations” agenda, and also to receive blessings from God, adding: “There are biblical examples of the end of both good and bad servants in the Bible.”

With scripture reference to 1 Timothy 1:3-6; Acts 24:16; 2 Corinthians 1:12; Matthew 25:1-24, he cited Apostle Paul as a true reflection of a good leader and servant of God who served with a clear conscience towards God and a man who all Christians should emulate.

Apostle Dr. Dieudonne Komla Nuekpe emphasised the account of the three servants and their master who entrusted them with talents according to their ability. The first two servants worked and gained extra, but the third servant was wise in his own eyes and so could not make any profit due to unclear conscience and impure heart. 

He indicated that leaders must be conscious of serving God in faithfulness and truth. 

“Cherish whatever God has entrusted into your hands in the church, serve with a clear conscience and a good heart for God to give you initiative on how to excel in what you do because we are rewarded according to our faithfulness and not according to our gifts, titles or positions,” he said.

Apostle Dr Dieudonne Komla Nuekpe admonished members to continue in the good works and service to God even in the face of opposition and attack to receive a handsome reward from God.

Report by Gina Akua Padi

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