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Women Have All It Takes To Ensure Clean Environment – Mrs Abigail Acquah

The wife of the Resident Minister of the Kokomlemle branch of Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), Kokomlemle, Mrs Abigail Acquah, has said that health and sanitation of Ghana lies in the hands of women because they have what it takes to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

According to her, the greatest enemy of Ghana is filth which is engulfing the nation. She said if women of God rise up against littering the environment, Ghana will be a better place to live, saying, “Women are real agents of transformation who can change the situation of the country.”

She added: “It is women who go to the market, cook, sweep and dump refuse; it is women who make the filth, so if only they will rise above reproach and do the needful, and also educate and encourage their children on the need to have a clean environment, filth in Ghana will be a thing of the past.”

Mrs Abigail Acquah was speaking on the theme, “Possessing the nation through personal and environmental hygiene,” at the La Area Women’s Joint Service which took place the Maamobi Central Auditorium, on May 6, 2019, during the just-ended Women’s Ministry National Weeklong celebrations of The Church of Pentecost.

Reading from Deuteronomy 23: 12-14, she touched on how God instructed the Israelites to keep themselves and their environment clean in order not to prevent the Angels of God from visiting their camp. “This shows how God is passionate about cleanliness,” she added.

She stated that cleanliness has got a lot to do with godliness. “There is physical defilement and spiritual defilement. Both of them go hand in hand. If the body is indisposed, weak or suffering from any ailment due to filth, it will be difficult for one to work or worship his or her maker. It is, therefore, necessary to stay healthy to be able to do the work of God,” he disclosed.

Mrs Acquah explained that, a Christian cannot be spiritually clean, live a holy and righteous life and decide to defile his or her body and environment with filth.

She charged Christians to stop throwing refuse in gutters and drainage to help curb flooding. “Segregate your refuse; keep those you can use as manure at a place where they will decompose and give the remaining plastics to refuse collectors,” she stressed.

She urged the members to keep their own bodies and environments clean. “Don’t keep dishes unwashed overnight, clean your bedroom, washrooms, kitchen and compound, etc. in order to attract the presence of God always,” she added.

Report by Gina Akua Padi.

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