The Church Of Jesus Christ Is Powerful – Apostle Emmanuel Akpabli Asserts

A retired minister of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Emmanuel Kwadzo Akpabli, has asserted that the Church that Jesus Christ promises to build is a powerful and vibrant one.

“Our salvation in Christ Jesus has made us powerful enough to protect us from demonic attacks,” he said.

Speaking on the topic, “The Purpose of the Church” at the Achimota Area (Achimota Zone) 2019 Apostolisation at the Achimota Central Auditorium on Tuesday March 19, 2019, with scripture reading from Genesis 12:1-3, Apostle Akpabli (Rtd.) stated: “Because of God’s purpose for Abraham, He called him out of his father’s household to make him a blessing to the entire human race.

“God has a purpose for everyone He calls into His vineyard. Until we understand the purpose God has for our lives, we cannot effectively do His work as expected of us.”

He further said: “After all the promises that God gave to the forefathers of the Israelites yet they went into slavery in the land of Egypt, but in all these God had a purpose for them. In their suffering God showed His mighty power and redeemed them for Himself.

“May it be far from you as a leader of God’s church that you will fail God. God has called us in time like this for a purpose, so let’s persevere to serve Him diligently without putting Him to shame.”

Touching on the beauty of the Church, the retired apostle stated: “We come from different tribes, race, etc. but upon receiving Christ Jesus we became new creations and one people without any distinction.

“When we walk in the light of the word of God our lives become exceedingly attractive and powerful enough to transform our society.

“Our passion for God’s work will be unquenchable only when we get to know the purpose God has for His Church.”

Report by Blessed Amonoo

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