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Understanding The Principle Of Sowing And Reaping – Apostle Dr Daniel Okyere Walker

The Rector of Pentecost University College (PUC), Apostle Dr Daniel Okyere Walker, has urged ministers of the gospel to strive to understand the principle of sowing and reaping since the world is being governed by principles.

He said this during the ministers and wives’ session of Takoradi and Sekondi Areas 2018 officers’ retreat.

Reading from Galatians 6:7-10, the PUC Rector explained that Apostle Paul was admonishing the believers in the passage on how they can support their leaders.

According to him, during the time Apostle Paul was writing the letter, some of the people thought they were not obliged to support their spiritual leaders, while others were also of the view that so far as they are in the church things will go well with them. “Apostle Paul in trying to correct this wrong teaching said that they should not deceive nor mock God for what a man sows shall he reap,” he added.

Apostle Dr Walker indicated that the principle of sowing and reaping cannot be overturned, because the principle is determined by God. He added that there cannot be reaping without sowing and whenever there is sowing there would also be a proportionate amount of reaping all things being equal.

“Reaping is usually more than amount sown and the time and place of sowing can be determined, but when and where the reaping will take place cannot be determined,” he said.

He noted that the difference between seed time and harvest time is patience, adding that sowing is not easy since it requires planning, preparation, resources, investment, care, and patience (Psalm 126:5-6).

Apostle Dr Walker also stated that ministry work requires a great deal of sowing and reaping since it requires planning, investment, time and having a clear vision, saying, “To enjoy the work of ministry you must sow into the work and the life of your flock.”

Expounding John 12:23, he said, Jesus while on earth wanted to multiply himself so He made the statement that: “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone but if it dies, it produces much grain.”

He said Jesus while doing the work of the ministry identified the potentials in His followers and invested in them.

Reading Jeremiah 4:3 and Luke 8:4-8, the PUC Rector admonished ministers not to sow to the flesh and among thorns. He stated: “We have good seeds and bad seeds but ministers and wives should make conscious effort to sow good seeds at all times” (Matthew 13:24-30).

He entreated them not to look at the prevailing situations (Ecclesiastes 11:4-6) at their current duty stations and go all out to sow in the work, because once a seed is sown it goes through a whole lot of processes that the farmer has no control over.

Apostle Dr Daniel Walker admonished ministers and wives to sow in good times and in bad times. He also told them to sow righteousness, hard work, integrity, faithfulness, time, sacrificial effort and their very life into the work of God for in due season they will reap what they had sown.

Report by: Pastor Emmanuel Opoku Mensah, Takoradi

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